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Meet The Aquatic Ecology Experts

SOLitude didn’t become the nation’s leading full-service lake and pond management company by accident. It is the hard work and dedication of the following teams of aquatic ecology experts and lake management professionals that make what we do possible.

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Senior Leadership

SOLitude’s leadership team is comprised of industry veterans and thought leaders with a wide array of knowledge and experience. Company leaders drive SOLitude’s mission to create happy, healthy, memorable experiences around the water through sustainable lake and pond management approaches.

New England_NY team

New England / New York

Our New England team consists of scientists and experts experienced in the management of large lakes, stormwater ponds, and sensitive, ecologically protected habitats. Industry experts utilize a vast suite of sustainable solutions, including mechanical hydro-raking, nutrient remediation, beneficial buffers, and more in the Long Island, Greater New York & other New England areas.

Mid-atlantic team


Our aquatic management experts work regularly with community associations, townships, environmental groups, and other stakeholders in Delaware, Pennsylvania & New Jersey, to cultivate balanced lakes, ponds, and wetlands. Eco-friendly management tools include lake weed control, fountain aerators, highly-targeted aquatic herbicides, and other approaches.

South team

South / Southeast

Lake and pond specialists recognize the vast array of aquatic systems throughout the South (West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina & more) and are experienced in implementing long-term programs customized to each unique client. These often include bathymetric mapping, nutrient mitigation, shoreline restoration, fisheries management, and other solutions to achieve their goals.

Florida team


Our team understands the diverse challenges stakeholders face in the management of the delicate aquatic ecosystems in all of Florida. They are knowledgeable about invasive water plants, algae, shoreline erosion, and nutrient pollution, as well as the use of advanced technologies like drones and Oxygen Saturation Technology.

Southwest team


Freshwater management professionals regularly work alongside municipalities, private landowners, and other diverse stakeholder groups to implement advanced lake and pond programs in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Our teams specialize in cultivating functional and productive stormwater ponds, reservoirs, trophy fisheries, and unique aquatic focal points.

Midwest team


We offer invasive pondweed & algae control, erosion control, dredging & hydro-raking, fountain installation & aeration, lake mapping, fisheries services, wetland and upland management, and more in the Midwest, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas, Illinois, and Missouri.

West team


Across the country, recreational lakes, ponds, drinking water reservoirs, and stormwater facilities require dedicated management to restore and maintain. In California, Arizona, Colorado, and other western states, our team of scientists and experts implements lasting programs and solutions to cultivate the beauty and functionality of these aquatic ecosystems.

Fisheries team


We offer largemouth bass stocking & many other fish species. The SOLitude team are experts in fish kill prevention, fish habitat management, artificial habitat installation, supplemental fish feeder installation (including Texas Hunter), electrofishing (electroshocking), fish data collection, trophy fishery and management, fish population control, predatory/prey fish management, fish stocking (such as largemouth bass, more.

Mechanical _Shoreline Team

Mechanical & Shoreline Restoration

Every waterbody - from golf course irrigation ponds to drinking water reservoirs - experiences erosion and muck build-up, which causes a loss of depth over time. Mechanical solutions are used to remove muck and weeds and restore volume, and shoreline management can stabilize sediment for years to come.

Alum & Water Quality Restoration

When nutrient levels are in excess, recreational lakes and drinking water reservoirs often require alum applications to restore water quality. Our team of alum experts have decades of experience safely and effectively restorating aquatic ecosystems.

Biology - lab - team


SOLitude’s scientific team includes Biologists, Ecologists, and Environmental Scientists who specialize in the identification of aquatic weeds, algae, invasive species, and aquatic imbalances. Professional laboratory testing allows our experts to fully understand problems and design comprehensive, tailored management programs.

Business Development - team

Business Development

SOLitude is dedicated to helping stakeholders identify and understand the imbalances in their aquatic ecosystem, as well as the benefits of proactive lake and pond management. Our attentive nationwide teams work alongside clients to design management programs that achieve their long-term waterbody goals.

Customer Support - team

Customer Support

We prioritize serving our customers with the highest level of care to ensure they are getting the most out of their experience with SOLitude. No matter where you are in your freshwater management journey, our friendly specialists are here to support you with a personalized, customer-centric approach.

Marketing team

Marketing & Community Outreach

SOLitude is committed to empowering lake and pond owners with accurate, scientifically backed knowledge about all aspects of freshwater management. Our marketing team creates a multitude of helpful educational materials, including informative guides, case studies, blog posts, webinars, and much more.

business operations and administration

Operations & Administration

Our internal experts work behind the scenes to ensure customers receive timely, comprehensive services and consistent communication. Project supervisors and business operations managers work hand in hand during each phase of the stakeholder journey, keeping clients informed every step of the way.

Mergers and Acquisitions team

Mergers & Acquisitions

As one of the country’s original lake management companies, SOLitude continues to drive the industry forward with the development of diverse tools, technologies, and management approaches. By teaming up with other top industry experts, we are able to expand our suite of advanced services for our valued clients.


SOLitude was built by the hard work, dedication & passion of aquatic experts in lake management to find solutions for communities and clients.

Nothing But Compliments for SOLitude

SOLitude has been managing our lake for the past two years. Through their efforts, the lake’s water quality has improved tremendously. Even with one of the hottest and dryest seasons, I received nothing but compliments on the water clarity, as well as positive feedback from fishermen about the abundance of healthy fish.

Darren Brooks

City District Manager, Parker, CO

Highly Trained Professionals

SOLitude has the manpower to handle all jobs, large or small, and the expertise to answer any questions. They care about their clients, which is easy to see when observing the quality of work provided by them during every visit. SOLitude is the team of highly trained professionals you want to maintain the waterbodies on your property.

Matthew Clem

Golf Superintendent, Fort Myers, FL

My Pond Is Finally Nice to Look At

This company is amazing! I called and explained the issues I was having with my pond, and Josh came out and assessed my pond. After doing so, he was able to put together a regiment that helped bring my pond back to where it is nice to look at! I would recommend this company to all of my friends and family!

William Youngblood

Private Landowner, TX

Created An Oasis All Can Enjoy

Our community has a one-acre pond that SOLitude has managed for our 200 homes development. They have done a fine job in maintaining the health of the pond so that people can fish and enjoy the surrounding area, wildlife, and gardens. It is a true oasis in a declining area of green spaces for all to enjoy.

Andrea Kowaleski

Property Manager, Marriottsville, MD

SOLitude Came to Our Rescue

When SOLitude came to our rescue, our pond was covered in water lettuce. As each month went by, the pond became clearer and clearer until now it is completely clear and I am completely grateful that the beautiful, clear pond that was there when we moved in 36 years ago, is once more. Thanks to Mike and everyone at SOLitude who made this possible!

Debra Krogh

Private Landowner, Pinellas Park, FL

Pleasure to Work With

For the past 2 years as a member of our neighborhood board, I worked personally with Mitchell of SOLitude Lake Management. Our neighborhood has over 40 lakes & ponds. I can honestly say it was a pleasure to work with this vendor. Mitchell provided weekly updates and as our aquatics expert, he helped educate us and assisted in developing a restorative approach to our lake & pond management. It was a pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable representative. Thanks!

Colette Price

Board Member, Bradenton, FL

Highly Recommend SOLitude

SOLitude services all the water, weed, and algae requirements for our Condominium Lake which 7 buildings back up to. Our Aquatic Specialist Ean does a fabulous job taking care of all our needs and has many owners complimenting on how great our water looks. Ean is just a phone call away and shows up immediately. He is always friendly and very knowledgeable and takes care of the issues. I would highly recommend this company to anyone for your lake water needs.

Doug Berlet

Board President, Naples, FL

From Swamp to Beautiful Water

For about 30 years I watched the encroachment of weeds across my pond, limiting not only our recreational use but our aesthetic appreciation as well. SOLitude Lake Management came in with their hydro-raking harvester and clear it all out! It was the first time I could swim across the entire pond! No swamp, just beautiful water that passers-by slow down to look at.

Dean Jacques

Private Landowner, Chester, CT

Go-To for All My Lake Needs

The SOLitude team is my go-to for all my lake needs. Very professional and responsive. I know I will always be taken care of even when it is something extremely difficult. Their years of experience make them the best lake company in the valley. Highly recommended. Thanks team!

Jennifer Thomasson

Community Manager, Peoria, AZ

I Can’t Say Enough Good Things

I want you to know that the whole team at SOLitude was tremendous in achieving my dream! Rob, the hydro-rake operator, was phenomenal! I can’t say enough good things. I am so happy that I worked with you guys. The results are just incredible. Many many thanks!

Susan D.

Exeter, RI, Private Landowner

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