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SOLitude Lake Management is dedicated to making water a more healthy and beautiful part of our world. In that pursuit, SOLitude offers sustainable solutions that improve water quality, enhance beauty, preserve natural resources and reduce our environmental footprint.

SOLitude’s highly-trained team of scientists, biologists, ecologists and aquatic resource management professionals specializes in the development and execution of customized lake, pond, wetland and fisheries management programs that include water quality testing and restoration, nutrient remediation, algae and aquatic weed control, installation and maintenance of fountains and aeration systems, bathymetry, mechanical harvesting and hydro-raking, lake vegetation studies, biological assessments, habitat evaluations, and invasive species management.

Services and educational resources are available to clients nationwide, including homeowners associations, multi-family and apartment communities, golf courses, commercial developments, ranches, private landowners, reservoirs, recreational and public lakes, municipalities, drinking water authorities, parks, and state and federal agencies.

In a shared quest for a better tomorrow, the SOLitude team is committed to innovation, technical advancement, and continuous research to provide clients with the best available value on the market. Through extensive knowledge and experience, superior customer service, vast service offerings and close partnerships with manufacturers, SOLitude Lake Management has established itself as the unparalleled leader of the industry.

sōlitude \ sol·​i·​tüde, säl-i-tüd \ n-

1: the harmony found with sun, self, land, and water through appreciation and preservation of lake and freshwater ecosystems.

2: the peaceful calm resulting from the reflection on and centering of self through the restoration of ecological balance.

To learn more about how SOLitude Lake Management helps restore and preserve ecological balance through its innovative approaches to lake and pond management, click on the links below or schedule a consultation with one of our environmental stewardship professionals.

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