Lake And Pond Aeration

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Lake & Pond Aeration: Equipment, Benefits, and Maintenance

SOLitude Lake Management continually strives to promote the most balanced aquatic ecosystems for the enjoyment of all who enjoy lakes and ponds. A widely used tool to achieve this goal is aeration. Floating fountains, submersed aerators, nanobubble systems, and cutting-edge oxygen saturation technologies are highly effective at improving circulation and creating a desirable oxygen-rich aquatic environment. 

The benefits of a well-oxygenated waterbody are extensive. Dissolved oxygen supports desirable fish and microbes, eliminates toxins, improves water clarity, limits algae, muck, and bad odors, and helps reduce the impact of organic pollutants. Learn more about the different systems available to you and how they each function to enhance the health of aquatic environments.

We are proud to offer top-of-the-line floating fountains and submersed aeration systems from our partners, Aqua Master, Vertex Aquatic Solutions, Kasco, Airmax, and Outdoor Water Solutions. With these partnerships, we are able to provide a variety of fountain and aeration solutions that will help you reach your management goals.


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Floating Fountains

Floating lake fountains offer aesthetically-pleasing visuals that add beauty and dimension to any waterbody. But unique spray patterns and customizable lighting features aren’t the only advantages; floating fountains are excellent tools for water circulation and oxygen transfer. These benefits are most effective at the water’s surface, so they are best utilized in shallow waterbodies or when paired with submersed aeration systems.

Submersed Pond Aerators (Pond Air Diffusers) & Installation

Submersed aerators utilize a weather-protected on-shore compressor to pump air through a subsurface tube that releases bubbles from the bottom of a lake or pond. As the bubbles rise, they carry the low oxygen water from the bottom towards the surface, where it mixes with atmospheric oxygen before sinking back to the bottom. The continuous vertical mixing helps increase oxygen concentrations throughout the entire waterbody, particularly deeper waters.

Solar Aeration

All lakes and ponds can benefit from the aeration, but many waterbodies are not located in areas with accessible electricity to power the equipment. More remote aquatic environments such as those on private properties, ranches, and golf courses may choose to rely on solar-powered systems to reap the benefits of increased oxygen and circulation. Though these systems come with certain limitations, they are an excellent choice for waterbodies with no power options.

Architectural Fountains & Waterfalls

Sometimes property owners prioritize form over function. Architectural water features aren’t typically used for circulation or oxygenation purposes. Instead, they serve as a focal point for HOA communities, business parks, golf courses, colleges and universities, and virtually any property in need of a beautiful centerpiece. Water features can be completely customized with an array of designs and materials and are usually very simple to maintain.

Traditional Aeration Systems

fountains and aeration floating fountain aquamaster FL scenic vegetaitve buffer beneficial plants natural management sustainability scenic lake and pond management

Floating Fountains

submersed aeration

Submersed Pond Aerators (Pond Air Diffusers) & Installation


Solar Aeration

Architectural Fountains (2)

Architectural Fountains & Waterfalls

Oxygen Saturation Technology

Similar to nanobubbles and submersed aerators, oxygen saturation technology injects air into the water column using on-shore equipment. But unlike other systems, oxygen saturation technology does not create bubbles – oxygen is completely integrated and absorbed into the water. Oxygen saturation technology is a premium water quality management tool and the only system on the market that can target the water column at specified depths to create desired water chemistry without altering thermal stratification.


Though nanobubbles do not provide water circulation, they have unique benefits. Nanobubbles are created using an on-shore gas transfer mechanism that pulls in water and reintroduces it into the water column as microscopic bubbles. Unlike typical bubbles, nanobubbles are not visible to the eye and do not float to the surface. They can remain in the water column for weeks at a time and may be helpful at limiting nuisance algae, Harmful Algal Blooms, and cyanotoxins.

Innovative Technology For Oxygen Circulation

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Oxygen Saturation Technology



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Regular Maintenance Helps Maximize These Benefits

Like all other aspects of your lake or pond, your aeration system requires recurring maintenance to ensure it continues operating at optimal efficiency. A premium maintenance program through SOLitude’s SOL Pro annual management plans includes monthly aeration inspections so you can rest assured that you’re maximizing your aeration benefits and your budget.

Want to learn more about lake and pond aeration or need help choosing a system that’s right for your property? Speak with our experts.

Fantastic Lighting Job

“Your professionalism and expediency in getting a job done makes my life as a Property Association Manager so much easier. Thanks for the fantastic lighting job on the BMP fountain. I have had nothing but great comments from residents.”

Michael Williams

Property Manager, United Property Associates, Chesapeake, VA

Reliable and Quick to Respond

“SOLitude Lake Management has been managing our lake/stormwater pond, and fountains since 2005. Kevin Tucker and his team have always been reliable and quick to respond to any issues. They are all very knowledgeable, able to explain what is happening with any situation, and find solutions to problem as they arise. Overall, I have been very pleased with their work and would highly recommend them to anyone with lake, pond, and other BMP management needs.”

Joan M. Fowler

Economic Development Department, City of Chesapeake, VA

Thank You from Camp Holiday Trails

Thank you for coordinating the restoration effort for our pond and donating labor for the aerator installation and watermeal treatment. This will ensure that hundreds of kids with special medical needs, and those who have the honor, joy and inspiration of working with them, will benefit from the Camp Holiday Trails experience this year!

Tina LaRoche

Charlottesville, VA

Many thanks to SOLitude for always doing such a great job in Crofton Meadows!

I had two phone calls today from homeowners telling me how beautiful the pond is and that they love the festive lights. Many thanks to SOLitude for always doing such a great job in Crofton Meadows!

Adriane DiCamillo, CMCA, AMS

Millersville, MD