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As the aquatic management leader, there are many advantages to working with SOLitude Lake Management. From our state-of-the-art lake maintenance and aeration installation services, our lake mapping, and three-dimensional water volume and sediment modeling services to our fisheries management and water quality testing and shoreline restoration solutions, when you choose SOLitude Lake Management, you can expect the best.

Our Professional Suite of Lake & Pond Services:

SOLitude Lake Management is dedicated to providing its customers with the most complete and cost-effective solutions for the management of their lakes and stormwater retention ponds. Our customers rely on us for comprehensive, in-depth assessments of the needs and challenges they face. Our broad range of services ensures their complete satisfaction is the end result. Explore our many service offerings below or contact the experts at SOLitude Lake Management today to discuss your aquatic management needs.


Annual Management

Keeping your lakes, ponds, and fisheries ecologically balanced and beautiful isn’t a one-time job, it requires a SOL Pro Annual Management Plans.

Water Quality Testing & Restoration

By scientifically analyzing water samples, we’re able to get a clear picture of the water’s quality, as well as insights into exactly what’s needed to restore a body of water to optimal health.

Denver Parks before and After nutrient remediation pond and lake algae control and aquatic weed control

Algae & Aquatic Weed Control

Invasive plants, nuisance vegetation, and algae can ruin your time in and around the water. SOLitude uses advanced products and practices to eliminate algae and undesirable exotic weeds.

fountain and lake view 2

Fountains & Aeration

Inducing circulation and adding dissolved oxygen helps improve water quality reducing algae blooms. Pond aerators can provide this discreetly, or add a floating fountain for a touch of elegance.

Lake Erosion Control

Shoreline Erosion Management

Proper buffer management and shoreline stabilization are aesthetically pleasing and critical to guard against erosion and an excess of nutrients entering your waterbody.

hydro-rake-jamie-cote-virginia-beach (13)

Sediment & Muck Removal

Dredging includes the physical scooping up of underwater sand and clay sediments to enhance a merchant ship’s access to a port or waterway.

Fisheries Management

Fisheries Management

From fish stocking and electrofishing, to habitat management, we offer a complete range of services to help you reach and exceed your fisheries management goals.

Stay Ahead of Water Quality Issues with Annual Management drone

Drone Technology

Drone applications are used to complete herbicide treatments remotely and more efficiently than ever before to manage nuisance and invasive aquatic plants.

wetlands - bird in water - phragmites - invasive aquatic weeds- invasive species control

Wetland & Upland Management

SOLitude Lake Management has considerable experience providing lake and pond weed control and invasive species management on a wide variety of wetland and upland sites.

Lake Mapping

Equipped with the very latest in GPS surface mapping, bathymetry, 3-D contour imaging, and aerial and fly-over video resources, we are able to add layers of depth to the information our customers seek.

Invasive Species Control

We take care of mosquitoes, midges, and geese, and other non-native species, such as zebra and quagga mussels.

4 Proactive Lake and Pond Management Tips to Help Manage Midges and other invasive species like mosquitoes

Mosquito & Midge Management

There are many different mosquito and midge control techniques including reducing breeding, thus preventing disease and annoyance.

From Algae Control To Water Quality Restoration

What Services Are You Interested In?

My Pond Is Finally Nice to Look At

This company is amazing! I called and explained the issues I was having with my pond, and Josh came out and assessed my pond. After doing so, he was able to put together a regiment that helped bring my pond back to where it is nice to look at! I would recommend this company to all of my friends and family!

William Youngblood

Private Landowner, TX

Created An Oasis All Can Enjoy

Our community has a one-acre pond that SOLitude has managed for our 200 homes development. They have done a fine job in maintaining the health of the pond so that people can fish and enjoy the surrounding area, wildlife, and gardens. It is a true oasis in a declining area of green spaces for all to enjoy.

Andrea Kowaleski

Property Manager, Marriottsville, MD

SOLitude Came to Our Rescue

When SOLitude came to our rescue, our pond was covered in water lettuce. As each month went by, the pond became clearer and clearer until now it is completely clear and I am completely grateful that the beautiful, clear pond that was there when we moved in 36 years ago, is once more. Thanks to Mike and everyone at SOLitude who made this possible!

Debra Krogh

Private Landowner, Pinellas Park, FL

Pleasure to Work With

For the past 2 years as a member of our neighborhood board, I worked personally with Mitchell of SOLitude Lake Management. Our neighborhood has over 40 lakes & ponds. I can honestly say it was a pleasure to work with this vendor. Mitchell provided weekly updates and as our aquatics expert, he helped educate us and assisted in developing a restorative approach to our lake & pond management. It was a pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable representative. Thanks!

Colette Price

Board Member, Bradenton, FL

Highly Recommend SOLitude

SOLitude services all the water, weed, and algae requirements for our Condominium Lake which 7 buildings back up to. Our Aquatic Specialist Ean does a fabulous job taking care of all our needs and has many owners complimenting on how great our water looks. Ean is just a phone call away and shows up immediately. He is always friendly and very knowledgeable and takes care of the issues. I would highly recommend this company to anyone for your lake water needs.

Doug Berlet

Board President, Naples, FL

From Swamp to Beautiful Water

For about 30 years I watched the encroachment of weeds across my pond, limiting not only our recreational use but our aesthetic appreciation as well. SOLitude Lake Management came in with their hydro-raking harvester and clear it all out! It was the first time I could swim across the entire pond! No swamp, just beautiful water that passers-by slow down to look at.

Dean Jacques

Private Landowner, Chester, CT

Go-To for All My Lake Needs

The SOLitude team is my go-to for all my lake needs. Very professional and responsive. I know I will always be taken care of even when it is something extremely difficult. Their years of experience make them the best lake company in the valley. Highly recommended. Thanks team!

Jennifer Thomasson

Community Manager, Peoria, AZ

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