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As the aquatic management leader, there are a number of advantages to working with SOLitude Lake Management. From our state-of-the-art lake management, our mapping, and three-dimensional water volume and sediment modeling services to our fisheries management and water quality testing and restoration solutions, when you choose SOLitude Lake Management, you can expect the best.


Comprehensive Approach

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Superior Training = Expert Care

Our aquatic management professionals are passionate, highly experienced and well-educated with degrees in Aquatic Biology, Ecology, Fisheries Biology, Environmental Science, and other related fields of study. We incorporate the most rigorous certification training and continuing education program in the industry to ensure that your lake or pond receives the best, most up-to-date care available anywhere.

Superior Technology = Innovative Treatment Methods

In order to provide you with unmatched lake, stormwater pond, wetland and fisheries management services, we equip our experts with the most advanced technology, tools, products and equipment. We have developed countless proprietary management strategies and continually participate in research trials to improve the environment as well as the solutions we provide our clients.

Superior Service = Unparalleled Customer Experience

We offer a prompt, personal response to every service call. You will receive problem-free onsite remediation, maintenance and repairs, with little wait time and no need for return services. We provide you with the services and strategies necessary to maintain your aquatic system at its best and offer you educational resources and insight every step of the way.

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