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We're Making a Difference in the World... And So Can You!

With so many challenges, problems, and obstacles facing the world today, SOLitude Lake Management has made it a company mission to be part of The SOLution.

From our environmentally friendly line of pond management products to our comprehensive array of ecologically balanced lake management services, we take environmental stewardship seriously.

When you choose SOLitude Lake Management for your lake and pond management needs, you get a partner dedicated to finding sustainable solutions that protect and preserve your vital aquatic ecosystems and habitats.

As part of our commitment to environmental stewardship, SOLitude Lake Management also strives to foster these core values through community involvement, volunteerism, activism, outreach, and fundraising. By building bridges in our local communities and across the country, we hope to increase our sustainability footprint and make our mark as a company that sincerely cares about the world we live in.

To learn more about SOLitude Lake Management solutions, click on the buttons below, call 888.480.LAKE (5253) or email our lake and pond management experts.

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Sustainability Pledge

SOLitude Lake Management was founded on the unshakable belief that lakes, ponds, wetlands, and other freshwater systems are precious natural resources that deserve protection and preservation. It is this basic operating principle that informs everything we do.

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Community Outreach

Through volunteerism, activism, outreach, and fundraising, we believe that we can help to make a difference in the world. By building bridges in our local communities and across the country, we hope to increase our sustainability footprint and make our mark as a company that sincerely cares about the world we live in.


Every November since the inception of Little GOBBLERs in 2012, SOLitude donates turkeys or grocery store gift cards to families in need to help them have a bountiful Thanksgiving Day celebration. The Elementary, Middle and High schools we assist are selected by SOLitude staff members that live and work in the areas we serve throughout the United States. We then work directly with school principals and guidance counselors who determine which students have the greatest need and distribute the donations to students.

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HOLiday Cheer

This holiday season, SOLitude Lake Management has continued its annual HOLiday Cheer efforts through The SOLution, the company’s corporate volunteering and community outreach program. We collect Christmas gifts and donations that we give to families in need.

Interested in Our Lake & Pond Management Services?

Algae and aquatic weed control, lake mapping, fisheries management, sediment removal like hydro-raking and dredging, erosion control services, nutrient remediation, fountain and aerator installation and maintenance, water quality testing and reporting and more.

Our SOLution Highlights

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Let's Make a Difference! Together, we can all be "part of the SOLution."

We would love to partner with you in being part of The SOLution! We invite you to join us at an upcoming volunteer event, or to share your organization’s volunteer efforts with us.

The Little GOBBLERS Program Is A Blessing

The ‘Little GOBBLERs’ program has been a blessing to my school for years. Donations from a community-oriented company, such as SOLitude Lake Management, allow the school system to provide additional resources that otherwise these children and their families would not receive.

Larry Hawkins

Newport News, VA

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