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Water Quality Testing & Lake Assessment Packages

Water quality monitoringtesting, and restoration are the backbone of any long-term integrated lake or pond management program. Knowing the chemical and biological constituents and demands on your waterbody, and understanding their impacts on water quality, is essential. The ability to understand and quantify this information, combined with the knowledge and tools necessary to implement a program that utilizes this information to bring balance to your system, will be the key to long-term success.

Nutrient Pollution 

Most of the issues lake or pond owners and managers will face can be traced to an imbalance in the water quality. Excess nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen play a key role in causing nuisance pond algae blooms, poor water clarity, foul odors, the health of aquatic life, etc. Dissolved Oxygen, pH, alkalinity and other parameters play an equally important role in the health of the aquatic system. The chemical and biological oxygen demand on your lake or pond at a given time tells us a lot about current conditions and the likelihood of having issues develop. Most importantly, understanding each of these things and the ratios between them will help you understand where the imbalances exist, and what strategies would best solve the issues caused by these imbalances.

SOL Pro Plans & Lake Data Collection

Restoring Balance

Different bodies of water might also require different management strategies depending on the use and the goals for that waterbody. Stormwater ponds will need different programs than a recreational lake or pond that you are managing for quality fishing. Golf course lakes will have different issues and needs for their water than you might expect for a homeowner association pond.

Successful lake and pond management strategies begin with establishing a baseline understanding of the current conditions, developed through good water testing data, and using that data to develop a prescription water quality restoration program that is tailored to your specific needs and goals. With this approach, your chance for long term success is maximized and ecological balance and sustainability can be achieved.

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Balance Your Aquatic Ecosystem with Nutrient Remediation

How Can We Help?

Couldn’t Be Happier with Alum Treatment

SOLitude did the first of three alum treatments on our lake. Excellent comes to mind when I think of all our interactions with SOLitude’s staff. SOLitude was very supportive throughout the complete process. They helped educate the board and district by sharing communication materials and presenting to our Lake District. They kept the board informed through the application process. I couldn’t be happier with SOLitude or the results of our alum treatment.

Michael L.

Centuria, WI, Lake District Board Chairman

Kids Can Swim All Summer Long with Alum

The alum project on Bald Eagle has provided wonderful results. Previously, the smell and pea soup conditions in late July and August had us considering moving. Now we can see the lake bottom at the end of our dock and our granddaughters love swimming in the lake all Summer long. Thanks!

Mike B

Bald Eagle Lake, MN, Resident

First-Class Alum Applications

This is a very reputable company. You can see they are first-class, not only in their staging area but the way they do the application.

Jim Z.

Ohio, DNR Director

These Alum Treatments Work

The target was to get a 50 percent reduction. We got a 56 percent reduction, which was absolutely exciting. The proof is in the pudding [that these treatments worked] is the park has stayed open all summer.

Scott N.

Ohio, EPA Director

Never Seen the Lake This Clear

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the lake this clear. I can see the bottom all around my dock as if I were on a lake in northern Minnesota!

Jeff W.

Spring Lake, MN, Resident

Nothing But Compliments for SOLitude

SOLitude has been managing our lake for the past two years. Through their efforts, the lake’s water quality has improved tremendously. Even with one of the hottest and dryest seasons, I received nothing but compliments on the water clarity, as well as positive feedback from fishermen about the abundance of healthy fish.

Darren Brooks

City District Manager, Parker, CO

Improved Water Quality Significantly

Shannon and Hunter are very professional and take a personal interest in taking the best care of our pond and more importantly, our pet koi fish. They have improved the water quality significantly and we are very pleased with their customer service.

Janet Stallions

Private Landowner, VA

Our Lake Is the Best It’s Been In Years

Our large lake association had SOLitude install a full lake aeration system and perform an alum application. Our lake is the best it has been in several years.

Thomas Lewandoski

Property Manager, NJ

Improve Our Water Quality

SOLitude Lake Management visited our Miami Lakes Community to obtain water samples as part of the Town of Miami Lakes lake water improvement initiative. The staff was highly professional, explained all details of lake water maintenance, and took the time to provide remedies for non-oxygenated waters. Highly recommend.

Hope Reynolds

Miami-Dade County, FL

Responsive & Resolved Our Issues

SOLitude has managed our community’s 24 lakes for many years and we are very satisfied with their performance. One of our lakes has been experiencing regular algae blooms and SOLitude’s biologist, Christina, performed a comprehensive lake and water analysis to determine the cause of the problem. Recommendations were presented and the problem was resolved. The SOLitude technician, Maxwell, is in control of managing our littoral plants and is very responsive to resolving identified issues.

Peter Dersley

Estero, FL

Improve Your Lake’s Water Quality with SOLitude

I have worked with SOLitude for many years at our HOA with our lakes committee. Our biologist, Christina, has been such an asset to our community from the installation of lake aeration to nutrient mitigation and her positive attitude and professionalism. The entire company is one that I would certainly recommend to any community seeking to improve their lake’s water quality.

Scott DeFilippis

Fort Myers, FL

Recommendations Are Thoughtful & Achievable

Erin and the rest of the SOLitude crew do a fantastic job monitoring water quality and algae growth. Erin used environmentally friendly products to control both the algae and maintain water quality with great success. Site visits are as promised and reports are clear and concise and recommendations are always thoughtful and achievable. We appreciate the effort by Erin and the other SOLitude staff that support our effort.

Terrence Larson


Healthy Water Quality & Fish

SOLitude has been managing our lake for the past two years. Through their efforts, the lake’s water quality has improved tremendously. Even with one of the hottest and dryest seasons I received nothing but compliments on the water clarity as well as positive feedback from fishermen about the abundance of healthy fish.

Darren Brooks

District Manager, Parker, CO

The Water Is Crystal Clear

The water quality and clarity has been great! Our waterfall and fountain feature is located at the entrance of the community. We are mandated to use reclaimed water. The water is crystal clear.

Mike Treanor

Marana, AZ

Got Ponds Back Into Shape

We have 5 water features on the property and before SOLitude Lake Management came, our ponds were full of algae and aquatic weeds, looking very unhealthy. In the past 7 years, SOLitude has cleaned out our ponds and got them back into shape making them look like amazing water features as they should be.

Aaron Tenley

Supervisor, Leisure World of Maryland, Silver Spring, MD

My “Go-To” Firm!

SOLitude Lake Management has been and will continue to be my “go-to” firm… The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to always go that extra mile. Their responsiveness to questions, concerns, or work orders is fantastic. They have taken the time to educate me and have worked to find cost-effective solutions that are sometimes outside of the box. Keep up the great work!

Sally Stamper

Newport News, VA

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