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We’re focused on continuously educating our clients, and we provide them with the resources they need to make sound decisions for the management of their waterbodies. Click on the links below to view and download our educational one-sheets. We also encourage you to share these with others who are involved in, or affected by, the management of your lake or pond.

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Our educational one-sheets provide a wealth of information on how SOLitude can better manage your precious aquatic resources. Take a deep dive into these educational resources:

SOLitude’s Superior Services. SOLitude Lake Management is dedicated to making water a more healthy and beautiful part of our environment and our world. In that pursuit, we offer comprehensive lake and pond management strategies, integrated fisheries management, erosion control services, GPS lake mapping, and bathymetric studies, water quality testing and monitoring, and a wide range of additional services designed to restore and preserve ecological balance in the aquatic resources we manage.

SOL Pro Annual Management Plans. Keeping your lakes, ponds, and fisheries ecologically balanced and beautiful isn’t a one-time job. It requires consistent, proactive care by highly trained lake management professionals – and that’s exactly what you get with our SOL Pro Plans. Discover the exclusive solutions available through our proactive management plans.

Three Reasons to Choose SOLitude. Looking for a good reason to choose SOLitude? How about three? Learn how superior training, superior technology, and superior service set us apart from the competition. And discover how we make it our mission to promote sound environmental stewardship, give to the communities we serve, and help make the world a better place to live in.

Proven Solutions for Improving Water Quality. Most of the issues lake or pond owners and managers face can be traced to an imbalance in the water quality. Knowing the chemical and biological constituents and demands on your waterbody is essential. Water quality monitoring, testing, and restoration are the backbone of an integrated lake or pond management program and our aquatic biologists are ready to develop a prescription water quality restoration program that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Nanobubble Technology: Long-lasting Water Quality Improvement. As urban development and pollution rise, our aquatic ecosystems suffer from poor water quality as a result. Thankfully, new industry-changing innovations, like nanobubble technology, are becoming available to help combat these obstacles. Nanobubble treatments are a premium aeration management tool designed to exceed the oxygenation capabilities of traditional submersed aeration systems and is an exciting solution poised to transform the entire freshwater management industry

Stormwater Compliance and Inspections. Stormwater management facilities are man-made structures that help reduce flooding, slow down water flow, and clean pollutants from water. It’s important to ensure that your facilities are functioning properly, especially when it rains. So, let SOLitude Lake Management be your partner in stormwater facility management. Our professionals are certified to inspect all aspects.

Managing Large Lake Systems. Lake management programs can vary widely based on the intended management goals and the unique makeup of each individual lake system. As a result, developing an effective management program for larger systems requires not only a detailed initial biological assessment of conditions but also a high level of applied lake management experience. We have the technical capabilities and management experience necessary to take each project from assessment to implementation.

Fisheries Management. The expert fisheries biologists at SOLitude combine advanced-level education and extensive in-the-field training with many years of experience and a deep-rooted passion for lake and pond management. From complete ecosystem management, electrofishing surveys, fish stocking, and fish removal to permitting and regulatory compliance, professional fisheries management is your ticket to a vigorous and sustainable fishery.

Lake Mapping Services. Bathymetric lake mapping involves the measurement of water depth and surface area through the use of advanced technologies including high-resolution depth finders, GPS, and 3-D contour imaging. Accurate mapping of water depth and sediment accumulation can be used to tailor site-specific monitoring and management programs to allow for more effective and efficient lake management.

Debris and Sediment Removal. There are several proactive management solutions that help slow a waterbody’s aging process such as aeration, nutrient remediation, and vegetative buffer management. Though these practices help keep your lake or pond healthy, there will still come a time when our waterbody will near the end of its lifespan. SOLitude offers hydro-raking and dredging, two solutions that can help restore depth to your waterbody and years of life to your lake or pond.

Golf Course Lake and Pond Management. Golf course lakes and ponds are aesthetically pleasing features, providing a challenge to golfers and often serving as vital irrigation sources for watering turf. Managing a golf course lake or pond, however, can be complicated. These aquatic ecosystems need professional care, and we are dedicated to providing full-service lake and pond management solutions that will help restore balance to your aquatic resources and keep your course looking great.

Shoreline Erosion Control. Shoreline erosion is a common, natural phenomenon that can occur as a result of harsh weather, recreation, poor landscape design, or, simply, an aging freshwater ecosystem. If left unaddressed, your lake, stormwater pond or canal may experience native vegetation and habitat loss, nutrient loading, excess runoff, and other complications. Through SOLitude’s close partnerships, we are pleased to offer a variety of unique shoreline erosion control solutions that halt sedimentation and restore damaged banks.

Drinking Water and Reservoir Management. Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) and harmful algal blooms (HABs) are a growing concern for water utilities that use surface water supplies. They can contaminate drinking water by producing dangerous toxins and also cause taste and odor issues. From water quality testing and algae identification to cyanobacteria control and ongoing monitoring, our environmental experts are here to properly and efficiently manage your municipality’s reservoirs and help to ensure that customers are provided with clean, safe drinking water.

Comprehensive Lake and Pond Assessments. A professional assessment is the first step to achieve a comprehensive view of your waterbody’s health. Think of this as a physical for your waterbody. An array of scientific tests are conducted to check its vitals and establish an initial baseline of health. SOLitude offers a variety of waterbody assessment options. Each package includes the creation of a customized, comprehensive report for you and your stakeholders. Your freshwater management professional can help you determine which package is most appropriate based on the history of the waterbody, as well as your unique goals and budget.

Phragmites Control. Phragmites australis, known as Phragmites or common reed, is a non-native, invasive plant that dominates the land by out-competing surrounding native vegetation. The spread of invasive species is often the result of human activity and management can be extremely difficult. When it comes to Phragmites, SOLitude offers an integrated management strategy that incorporates herbicide applications and mechanical techniques allowing us to gain control of Phragmites and restore the native habitat.