Our Eco-friendly Mission

Preserving and Protecting Ecological Balance

The SOLitude Lake Management journey began with a love for water and the outdoors, a desire to preserve our natural resources, and a belief that there was an immense unfilled need for quality freshwater management solutions. From the beginning, our main focus has been preserving the natural ecological balance of our aquatic ecosystems while providing our clients with superior value and expertise in lake, stormwater pond, wetland and fisheries management.

Our success can be measured in years, not just seasons. We strive to implement proactive management strategies that restore waterbodies from the inside out and provide lasting, sustainable results that meet your short- and long-term goals. We address the source of your aquatic management problems—not just the symptoms—by developing affordable custom solutions that can last a lifetime.

SOLitude is committed to maintaining a local presence in each of the communities we serve and leading our industry in technological and scientific research and innovations that protect our delicate environments. Our past, present and future are rooted in education, teamwork, superior customer service, commitment to excellence and use of only the highest quality products and services.

We thank our clients for allowing us to be their environmental partner. We strive each day to improve water quality and preserve natural resources, reduce our environmental footprint, and leave our world a better place.

Accountability Is Our Priority

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