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Shoreline & Erosion Control Management

Lake Erosion Control

Enhance Your Shoreline and Repair Erosion Damage with Sustainable Solutions

Shoreline management should never be overlooked. It is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lake or pond. Proactive buffer and littoral zone management not only helps increase the aesthetics of your lake or pond, but it helps protect your waterbody from the harsh effects of erosion and prevents excess nutrients from entering the water column. If erosion damage has become too severe, erosion repair solutions can be implemented to help restore the shoreline and prevent future damage.

The Benefits Behind Vegetative Buffers and Littoral Zones

Many water quality issues are caused by or intensified by factors that begin outside of a waterbody. That is why it is crucial to cultivate a beneficial vegetative buffer and a littoral zone using native sedges, grasses, and flowering species to filter excess nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen from the water column. Allowing the beneficial plants to take root will also add to the integrity of your shoreline.

Before, Golf Course Shoreline Restoration

Erosion Repair Technologies

If your shoreline has experienced the effects of erosion like vegetation loss or uneven and unstable banks, restoration efforts should be considered before attempting to establish plants around a pond or lake. With the latest erosion control technologies, you can repair erosion wear and tear and establish a stable, natural shoreline that will halt erosion and protect your waterbody from future damage.

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Shoreline Erosion Repair Technologies

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Littoral Zone Management


Native Buffer Plants

Erosion Repair with Bioengineered Living Shorelines

SOLitude has taken a huge burden off of my shoulders and now I don’t even have to worry about the appearance of our pond

We used to struggle with many different issues on holes 15,16,17 at our Country Club. It was not uncommon for us to see algae blooms appear out of nowhere along one of the most important focal points of the course. Since SOLitude Lake Management has been taking care of the pond for us, we have had very little issues with the aesthetic qualities of our pond. SOLitude has taken a huge burden off of my shoulders and now I don’t even have to worry about the appearance of our pond

Keith Wood

Greensboro, NC

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