WEBINAR: Discover the Difference: Nanobubbles vs. Aeration Q&A with Our Industry Experts

nanobubbles vs aeration

Following our recent educational webinar on nanobubbles and aeration, our experts reviewed and discussed questions from our audience. There were so many great questions we just couldn’t get to! Watch the video below to hear their answers and learn more about nanobubbles and aeration.

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Reference the video time stamps below to hear the answer to your question…

Q&A with Our Experts Part 2

  • 0:13 – You mentioned that aeration and nanobubbles can reduce muck buildup in ponds, but is it effective in reducing muck buildup in large lakes?
  • 1:13 – Have you seen aquatic weed explosions due to an increase in water clarity from nanobubbles?

  • 1:49 – Can a turnover happen in the spring?

  • 2:35 – Are floating solar-powered or non-solar powered nanobubble generators available?

  • 3:23 – Are you pumping pure O2 or compressed air from the nanobubble generator?

  • 4:40 – Can aeration ultimately eliminate or reduce the need for frequent algaecide treatment?

  • 5:32 – What are the different reasons for fish kills and how can aeration help?

  • 7:02 – Does aeration require intake like a nanobubble generator or is it simply pushing air into the lake?

  • 7:45 – Do nanobubble treatments keep lakes from freezing over? We want ice on our lake to prevent geese from wintering in our lake.

  • 8:43 – What is the effect of nanobubbles on nitrogen and phosphorus in the water?

  • 9:34 – Is a 570-acre lake too large for these solutions?

  • 10:46 – How fast do dissolved oxygen levels change in waterbodies? How often do you recommend water quality testing?

  • 12:03 – Can aeration and nanobubbles be powered from the same air compressor?

  • 13:15 – In eutrophic lakes with cyanobacteria that produce cyanotoxins, will nanobubbles destroy the toxins released when cyanobacteria die?

  • 14:37 – How long will a nanobubble system last?

Here is the Q&A session from our live webinar, including time stamps to your specific questions, if you would like to hear our expert’s answers again…

Q&A with Our Experts Part 1

  • 0:01 – How much does nanobubble and bottom aeration cost?
  • 0:36 – Does aeration or nanobubbles help with aquatic weed control?
  • 2:06 – How can aeration and nanobubbles improve my fishery?

  • 2:59 – How long do nanobubbles results last and how long until you see results?

  • 3:49 – Is aeration necessary if we occasionally do nanobubble treatments?

  • 4:50 – Do you need a permit to have nanobubbles in your waterbody?

  • 5:26 – Do beneficial buffers interfere with nanobubble installations?

  • 6:24 – How long or frequently do aerators need to run?

  • 7:12 – Do nanobubbles affect fish and wildlife?

  • 8:02 – Which of these methods would be best to reduce midges and mosquitoes?

  • 9:04 – Are nanobubbles effective in large lakes or is it better for smaller waterbodies? 

  • 10:00 – Are there different fountain patterns for ponds?

  • 11:02 – Can I utilize nanobubbles if my waterbody doesn’t have access to electricity?

  • 11:44 – Which strategy is best for reducing muck and organic matter buildup?

  • 13:01 – How loud are aeration and nanobubble systems?

  • 13:45 – You mentioned fountains are ideal for shallow waterbodies. Can you define shallow?
  • 15:34 – What if you have water levels fluctuating year to year? Does that affect which option to choose?

  • 17:27 – Can you have too much oxygen in water?

  • 20:49 – Could aeration and nanobubble treatments help minimize the need for dredging?

  • 22:04 – Do these systems help with mosquito control?

  • 23:19 – Would one nanobubbles unit provide effective treatment for interconnected waterbodies?
  • 24:03 – Do you recommend adding beneficial bacteria with aeration?Find Your Solution

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