Let’s Talk Fountains & Aeration: An Interview with Our Aeration Expert

Watch this in-depth and engaging discussion on fountains, submersed aeration, and oxygenation technology.

Improve Water Quality & Aesthetics with Aeration

We often talk about the importance of fountains and aeration, but what exactly is aeration and what does it do for lakes and ponds that makes it so vital? With all of the fountain and aeration systems available, it can be overwhelming to pick the system that’s best for your waterbody. If you’re ready to add a fountain or aerator to your lake and you’re unsure where to start, check out this webinar!

View the recording and hear from our top aeration expert, David Riedl. Regional Sales Manager Alex Adkins sat down with David and asked him common questions regarding fountains and aeration, the benefits each system provides, and how you can determine the best system for your unique lake or pond. Alex and Dave also discussed oxygenation technology and how it compares to traditional aeration.

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