WEBINAR | Algae & Weed Control: Expert Tips & Best Practices


Algae & Weed Control: Expert Tips & Best Practices Webinar

Tired of dealing with algae and weeds? Register to learn how to get rid of these water quality nuisances and enjoy clean, beautiful water.

June 12, 2024 3:00 pm EDT

Tips to Control Pond Algae and Weeds

It can be frustrating to see algae or aquatic weeds covering your lake or pond, and it can be tough to figure out the best management strategies to address the issue. We’re here to help you determine which management strategies can help you achieve clean, beautiful water!

Join our experts to learn about the causes of algal blooms and weeds in lakes, effective methods to regain control of your water, natural approaches to algae and weed control, and how to prevent future growth. Have questions about algae or aquatic weeds? Ask it during the Q&A! Save your spot TODAY.

This webinar is free and open to the public. 

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Jackson Minnich

Algae & Weed Control Expert and Operations Manager

Jackson Minnich is a Wildlife and Fisheries Biologist and Operations Manager with an extensive background in managing aquatic ecosystems. Since 2016, he has worked directly with SOLitude’s clients to help restore ecological balance to their waterbodies and ensure all applicable state, local and federal regulations are met. Jackson has a diverse background in lake and pond management and is well-versed in controlling aquatic weeds and algal blooms in all types of waterbodies.

Jackson graduated from the University of Tennesee with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Wildlife and Fisheries and a minor in Foresty. Before joining SOLitude, Jackson worked for several government agencies where he maintained city-owned aquatic resources to ensure water quality remained safe and healthy. 

Eryn Adrian

Algae & Weed Control Expert and Business Development Consultant

Eryn Adrian is an Aquatic Biologist and Business Development Consultant serving Colorado and its surrounding regions. She has experience managing lake and pond ecosystems and analyzing water quality to help maintain clean, beautiful water for her clients. Her expertise includes algae and weed control, water quality testing and restoration, as well as aeration installation and maintenance, but is proficient in all services SOLitude offers.

Eryn obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Texas A&M University. She grew up in Dallas, TX, and currently lives in Denver, CO.

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