Dredging 101: Restore Depth & Set Your Waterbody Up for Success

Watch the recording and discover how to restore depth in lakes and ponds and what management strategies to implement for a healthy, balanced waterbody in the future.

Set Your Waterbody Up for Success with Dredging

All waterbodies age over time which leads to water quality issues like algal blooms, aquatic weed growth, and sediment and muck buildup. When lakes and ponds reach the end of their lifespan, often a restoration tool is needed in order to restore depth and improve the overall functionality of the waterbody. Dredging and hydro-raking are two tools used to “reset” the lifespan of lakes and ponds by removing sediment and organic matter accumulation.

Watch this webinar recording to learn about the benefits of depth restoration and determine which tool will meet the needs of your waterbody and help you reach your overall management goal. You’ll also discover which solutions can be implemented to prolong the need for dredging in the future. Complete the form below to download a free recording.

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