Repair Your Shoreline with SOX Erosion Solutions & Native Plantings

Watch our webinar recording and discover how to repair shoreline erosion with SOX Erosion solutions and enhance your lake with native buffer plants.

Repair Erosion Damage & Establish A Native Buffer for A Healthy Lake

Erosion is a natural occurrence that can damage your shoreline over time. Eroded shorelines not only increase the likelihood of water quality issues, but they can have an economic impact on your property and can even lead to liability risks. Knowing when and how to repair erosion damage can be stressful and confusing…

Watch our webinar recording and discover how erosion occurs, signs your shoreline has erosion damage, and how you can restore your bank with SOX Erosion Solutions and native buffer plantings. Experts Chase Morgan, Business Development Consultant for SOLitude Lake Management, and Casey Cittadino, National Sales Director for SOX Erosion Solutions, discuss the innovative erosion control solutions available.

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