How to Fix Lake Erosion with Bioengineered Living Shorelines

Replace eroded, unstable banks with a beautiful living shoreline. Discover the benefits of repairing erosion damage with bioengineered living shorelines and how a vegetative shoreline can enhance the health and beauty of your waterbody.

Stabilize Your Bank & Enhance Beauty with Living Shorelines

Erosion affects all waterbodies and can be accelerated due to weather, wildlife, and human activities like urban development and excess recreation. The wear and tear of erosion can lead to unsafe banks, steep drop-offs, loss of land, liability risks, diminished aesthetics, and water quality issues.

Our experts shared how you can reverse erosion damage with bioengineered living shorelines! Watch our webinar recording and discover the multitude of benefits living shorelines provide, see success stories, and listen to our experts answer questions during a Q&A.

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