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Top Solutions & NEW Technologies for Aquatic Weed Management

Watch the recording to discover the top solutions and technologies available to manage nuisance and invasive aquatic weeds. Listen to our experts answer your questions during the Q&A! Download a free recording.

Aquatic Weed Management Solutions for Lakes and Ponds

Nuisance or invasive plants are one of the biggest issues lake and pond owners or managers face. When introduced into a non-native environment, invasive aquatic weeds can take over an ecosystem and even out-compete native beneficial plants. There are various types of invasive aquatic weeds and it’s important to know which species is terrorizing your waterbody so the best management approach can be determined.

Watch our free webinar recording to discover the top solutions and technologies for managing aquatic weeds. From drone technology and highly targeted herbicides to hydro-raking and mechanical harvesting, our aquatic weed experts discussed how to control and prevent the future growth of nuisance and invasive plants with these solutions. Watch to hear what our experts had to say during the Q&A. Download the free recording today.

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