Green Monster

Underwater Fishing Lights

In the underwater light market, the Green Monster Underwater Fishing Light is the ultimate submersible pond light. The patent pending two-stage waterproofing process gives you the most reliable and user-friendly underwater lighting system available.

  • From night fishing to landscape lighting, with the submersible Green Monster pond light, any dock or pier will transform into an outdoor aquarium or hot nighttime fishing spot.
  • Equipped with a 175-watt mercury vapor bulb, the Green Monster attracts all bait fish – Bream, Bass, Catfish, Striper, Crappie, Redfish, Snook, Tarpon, and many more.
  • The Green Monster Fishing Light is submersible in fresh or saltwater and is easily moveable which gives the operator flexibility for pond light placement.
  • Each underwater pond light kit is equipped with a GFCI plug for additional safety and a photocell, giving you the convenience of leaving the light in the water without the hassle of remembering to turn the light on and off each night.
  • Because your light powers on and off automatically, it establishes a pattern for bait fish which will ultimately attract larger fish to your dock.
  • Fish have two goals in life: the first is to eat and the second is to reproduce. If you take care of their first goal, they will take care of the rest!

SINK IT and They Will Come!

Contact SOLitude Lake Management to have our fisheries management experts create a unique fishing experience for you with Green Monster Fishing Lights.