Our Vendor Partner: Kasco

Partnering with Kasco for Fountains, Circulators, Surface Aerators, and Submersed Aerators

SOLitude is proud to offer Kasco fountains, circulators, surface aerators, and submersed aeration systems to our clients across the country. Our Aquatic Specialists are trained to install, service, and repair Kasco products to ensure your waterbody is receiving the maximum benefits. SOLitude’s experts are here to help you select the best system for your lake or pond.

Kasco J Series Floating Pond Fountain

Kasco J Series Fountains

Kasco J Series Fountains offer dramatic, aesthetically pleasing displays. Designed with both beauty and function in mind, each package includes 5 twist-and-lock, interchangeable patterns at no extra charge, allowing you to choose from attention-demanding geysers to elegant 3-tier displays. Various voltage and horsepower options available. Add a WaterGlow Lighting Kit or Premium Nozzle to further define your J Series fountain experience.

Kasco VXF Series Fountain

Kasco VFX Series Fountains

The VFX Series Fountain is the choice for an elegant display with superior pond aeration benefits. These high-flow units are efficient and can be used for many applications. These aerating fountains pull water in and dispense it as a beautiful “V-shaped” pattern while aerating your body of water. Various voltage and horsepower options are available. Add a WaterGlow Lighting Kit to further define your VFX Series fountain experience.

Kasco AquatiClear Circulator

Kasco AquaticClear Circulators

This clog-resistant circulator produces continuous water movement to keep docks, marinas, canals, shorelines, and other areas free from algae, floating debris, and foul odors. With revolutionary Clean Current Technology, AquatiClear features a crown-like composite prop guard allowing for continuous operation and less maintenance. Various mount, voltage, and horsepower options are available.

Kasco Surface Aerator

Kasco Surface Aerators

These high-performance surface aerators dramatically push large volumes of water into the air. This process increases the overall health of your water and keeps it thoroughly mixed. Introducing oxygen and water movement breaks up stratification, eliminates odor, discourages algae growth, and promotes a healthy aquatic environment. Kasco surface aerators are the most dependable and efficient units on the market. Various voltage and horsepower options available.

Kasco Diffuser

Kasco's Robust-Aire Diffused Aeration System

Kasco’s Robust-Aire™ systems are quiet and provide great aeration benefits in depths of 8 ft. or greater. A shore-mounted compressor pushes air through self-weighted lines to a dual loop diffuser on the pond, lake, or tank bottom. The diffuser then continuously releases micro-bubbles that rise to the surface carrying large volumes of water. This beneficial mixing increases oxygen transfer and improves water quality to eliminate thermal and chemical stratification, expand fish habitat, and more. Various size, mount, and voltage options are available.

Kasco WaterGlow Lighting Kits

Kasco WaterGlow Lighting dramatically illuminates your fountain or surface aerator during the evening hours. Available in composite or stainless-steel housings and with several color options and configurations.

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Kasco Fountain Lighting

What Are Your Lake & Pond Goals?

Contact the lake fountain and pond aeration experts at SOLitude Lake Management to find the custom Kasco floating fountains, circulators, surface aerators, and submersed aeration systems solution for your waterbody.

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