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Partnering With Vertex For Pond & Lake Submersed Aeration & Fountains

SOLitude is proud to be one of the leading vendor partners for Vertex Aquatic Solutions. Our Aquatic Specialists receive training to install, service, and repair all Vertex aeration and fountain systems. We are thrilled to offer our clients Vertex fountain and aeration systems across the country to help improve the health of their lake or pond.

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Vertex Offers Environmentally Sound Solutions That Increase Pond Oxygen

Vertex Aquatic Solutions is one of the leading manufacturers of submersed aeration systems, fountains, bubble curtains, and their latest innovation, Oxygen Saturation Technology. Vertex proudly works with scientists and engineers to deliver environmentally sound solutions that help increase oxygen levels and enhance the overall health of lakes and ponds. 

Vertex Offers Submersed Aerators with Durable Compressors

Vertex offers several submersed aeration configurations ranging from ¼ HP to 4 HP. Vertex’s durable compressors and cabinets help protect your system and keep it running efficiently. Each submersed aeration system is installed with BottomLine tubing which is a self-weighted air supply tubing that lays at the bottom of the lake or pond. Vertex’s submersed aeration diffusers are built to last as they are known to not clog or blow out. Vertex’s long-lasting aeration systems are an excellent choice for waterbodies in need of dissolved oxygen!

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Vertex Offers High-Quality Floating Fountains as Large as 60 HP

Vertex also offers high-quality floating fountains as large as 60 HP. Vertex is known for providing the highest quality, environmentally sound custom floating fountains. Vertex has earned a reputation for attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Vertex offers a variety of lighting options and spray patterns to help enhance your waterbody, including:

  • TriTier Series
  • Aeration Jet Series
  • FunnelJet Series
  • GeyserJet Series
  • TwoTier Series
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Vertex's Aquatic Bubble Curtains: Airgate Adjustable Emitters

Vertex also offers aquatic bubble curtains for both freshwater lakes, ponds, and marine environments called AirGate Adjustable Emitters. This system helps keep floating debris from entering channels. Vertex’s bubble curtains are installed along the channel bottom with air supplied by compressors to create bubble curtains. These bubble curtains create a barrier to push back weeds and debris, preventing them from entering the protected area. 

Check Out Vertex’s Aeration & Fountain Systems in Action

Enhance your waterbody today with Vertex’s submersed aerators, fountains, bubble curtains, or Oxygen Saturation Technology!

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How Can We Help You Improve Your Waterbody?

Contact us to purchase your Vertex Submersed Aeration, Floating Fountain, Bubble Curtain, or Oxygen Saturation Technology system.

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