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FlightControl Goose Repellent

Geese can create a real mess in controlled settings or areas. In order to protect your property and preserve the natural beauty of your aquatic ecosystems, you need a goose management solution capable of deterring these unwelcome invaders. If it is your lawn that is suffering from goose activity, you need FlightControl.

The resident Canada goose population doubles every three years. As a result, heavy concentrations of geese make playgrounds, athletic fields, corporate campuses, parks and recreational areas, golf courses and residential areas unusable.

Protect your turf!
Canada geese swoop in, devour lawns – and leave behind a minefield of droppings. If geese have invaded your property, FlightControl® bird repellent will reclaim it for you. Put an end to unsightly droppings and unusable turf areas. (Geese leave behind an average of 1 to 2 pounds per day per goose.) Lower your lawn care costs and protect your grass without harm to children, pets, wildlife, vegetation, water – or the geese.

What is FlightControl®?
Spray-applied FlightControl® coats grass with a naturally occurring compound that repels geese. The repellent lasts through several mowings; it has no odor, and rain does not wash it away. Your lawn care service provider will recommend a treatment program tailored to meet your specific needs.

How does it work?
FlightControl® absorbs ultraviolet light in a spectrum that geese can see, but people cannot. Geese choose to move on to find untreated turf, preferring to feed on grasses that look natural to them. If they do eat treated grasses, they experience a mild intestinal reaction. They quickly learn to avoid turf that looks unusual and find other food sources.

Goose D-Fence

Did you know a goose produces 1,200 pounds of droppings every year? The impact of that statistic might not be apparent unless your lawn, lake, or pond has become a gathering place for geese! Goose D-Fence is the goose control solution designed to help rid your property of these unwanted guests in a humane and sustainable way.

How Goose D-Fence Works:

  • Researchers have discovered that geese require easy access to food and a drink of water every 30 minutes. By installing the Goose D-Fence around your lake or pond, you eliminate that access. They will seek the path of least resistance and move on to other locations that better suit their needs.
  • You may be wondering why they don’t simply fly over the fence. The answer is simple: During a couple of months, each summer geese shed feathers and thus lose their ability to fly. During the rest of the summer, they simply prefer not to fly if they don’t have to.
  • The Goose D-Fence is a specially engineered, retractable goose control fence that can be installed or removed in less than 10 minutes. When it comes time to play, mow or access the water, simply wind it up and go about your business. And the best news is … unless you know it’s there, it practically goes unnoticed.

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