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Supplement The Food Chain For Your Lake Or Pond

Establishing a forage base that is self-sustaining should be a primary goal of every balanced lake and pond management effort. A good way to achieve this is through supplemental feeding. Using an automatic fish pond feeder filled with pellet feed is the ideal method to feed many species of forage fish. Fish feeders for ponds and lakes provide bait the necessary edge to improve survival and reproduction success while also providing the pond with the food to support a greater biomass of forage.

Another advantage to using an automatic fish feeder is you get a front row seat to observe fish growth and health. Fish feeders provide great fishing holes for kids or a good place to catch a quick meal, if desired.

SOLitude Lake Management offers a wide range products and fish feeders for ponds, from directional and scatter feeders for large lakes to the popular Koi feeders for smaller ornamental waterbodies. These automatic fish feeders are available in varying capacities and timer capabilities.

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Fisheries Management Texas Hunter Fish Feeder

Texas Hunter Feeders

MB Ranch King Fish Feeder

MB Ranch King Feeders

Largemouth Bass

“The food chain of a healthy fishing lake or pond is a universe of underwater activity – from tiny plankton and insects, to forage fish, to the supreme feisty black bass.

However, the food chain is no stronger than its weakest link. That’s why I use Automatic Fish Feeders to feed my forage fish. I know that when my forage fish are well fed, my bass will be fat, healthy and fast growing.

My automatic fish feeders go off like clockwork, everyday all year round. They are an important part of my food chain and part of my personal management for trophy bass. They have helped me produce an incredible fishery. They can work for you too.”

Ray Scott, Founder of B.A.S.S.

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