Water Quality Testing

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Water Quality Monitoring, Testing and Reporting

SOLitude Lake Management recommends regularly scheduled water quality testing services to ensure lakes and ponds are in peak condition year-round, especially if they are used for swimming, fishing, drinking water, or irrigation.

Water quality testing arms you with the information needed to make sound management decisions.

Our certified professionals are prepared to assess your lake or pond water for pH, dissolved oxygen, phosphates, ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, hardness, alkalinity, salinity, temperature, clarity, turbidity, conductivity, ORP, fecal coliform, E. coli, and much more.

Learn more about SOLitude Lake Management’s water quality testing services for lakes and ponds. Send your water sample to us for a complete water test & report!

Our standard test will check your sample for nitrites, phosphates, pH, and ammonia. We can also test your sample for dissolved oxygen, hardness, alkalinity, salinity, and more. Please contact us online or call 888-480-5253 for detailed instructions on taking and mailing your sample.

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