How Filtrexx Repairs Shoreline Erosion


Filtrexx: A Geotextile Erosion Repair Technology

Have you ever noticed the shoreline of your body of water gradually receding over time? Unfortunately, shoreline erosion is a natural, inevitable occurrence that many lake and pond owners experience. Loss of land, unsafe conditions, and liability risks are all consequences of shoreline erosion. However, thanks to modern geotextile technologies, preventing and repairing erosion has become much easier. Geotextiles are materials composed of natural or synthetic fibers that are used to reinforce or stabilize soil and prevent erosion. At SOLitude, we offer Filtrexx – a premier shoreline erosion repair technology. Learn how our aquatic experts utilize this technology and how it can improve the health and sustainability of your body of water.

  • Filtrexx Erosion Repair
  • Filtrexx Erosion Repair

Filtrexx for Shoreline Erosion Repair

Filtrexx is a leading solution for shoreline erosion repair. This technology is an excellent alternative to retaining walls built with conventional block or concrete systems as they offer benefits beyond shoreline stabilization. This geotextile fabric system for erosion control is fast to install, with installation speeds averaging around 500 feet per day. This rapid installation process means that erosion control measures can be implemented quickly so you can get back to enjoying your waterbody safely.

Filtrexx helps create a “living shoreline,” promoting the growth of grass and turf that roots into the system. This natural integration is vital for long-term erosion control, as the root systems help further anchor the soil and system in place, preventing further erosion. This solution is also ideal for lakes or ponds with steep eroded slopes, as the system can be stacked on top of one another in a recessed fashion to create your ideal slope.


Environmental Benefits of Filtrexx Erosion Repair

Filtrexx is an erosion repair technology strategically designed with environmental benefits at its core. This innovative solution not only aims to repair and prevent shoreline erosion but also incorporates features that support and enhance the environment. The Filtrexx mesh material allows water to flow through the system, allowing it to trap and filter sediments and pollutants before they enter the water column, helping improve water quality.

Create A Living Shoreline with Filtrexx

Another environmental benefit of Filtrexx is its ability to create a living shoreline comprised of beneficial native vegetation. Filtrexx allows for the integration of vegetation directly into the system. The use of lock-stitch technology ensures the geotextile fabric remains intact and does not unravel.  Living shorelines gain strength over time as the vegetation grows and roots develop, enhancing the structural integrity of the shoreline erosion repair measures. Shoreline vegetation can also help filter excess nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen, which are known to fuel poor water quality issues. Additionally, Filtrexx is also beneficial for wildlife, creating habitats that promote biodiversity.

Customize Your Shoreline Erosion Plan with Filtrexx

Filtrexx is an ideal erosion control solution – offering rapid, efficient, and environmentally friendly shoreline erosion repair. The lifetime warranty adds an additional layer of value, ensuring that the erosion control solutions remain effective and durable over time. It’s time to reclaim your lost land and maintain a safe, stable shoreline.

The Importance of Shoreline Management

Repair Your Shoreline with Filtrexx

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