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How to Achieve A Beautiful, Clean Lake with Natural Management Solutions

Anyone who owns or manages a lake or pond understands the struggle of dealing with algae, aquatic weeds, and other water quality issues. We all want clean, beautiful water, but many lake owners or managers don’t have the time, knowledge, or resources to achieve the water they desire. We understand how frustrating it can be to maintain water year-round.

Everyone deserves to have clean water to enjoy. In fact, science shows that simply being in or around water can improve our well-being and help us create meaningful memories. That’s why our experts help water-lovers like you achieve safe, beautiful lakes by utilizing natural management solutions that improve water quality and enhance your aquatic resource.

Natural Weed Control Solutions

Before implementing any solution, an expert will assess the current state of your lake to determine which tools will help you achieve your goal. If aquatic weeds are your main frustration, mechanical harvesting or hydro-raking can be utilized to naturally remove invasive vegetation. Hydro-raking can also be used to remove organic muck by scooping up bottom debris, which helps remove excess nutrients from the water. In addition to these eco-friendly tools, Triploid Grass Carp can be utilized to control the growth of specific aquatic weeds. Once lake weeds are under control, solutions like nutrient remediation should be implemented to help further enhance your water quality.

Improve Water Quality with Nutrient Remediation

Nutrient remediation is the process of improving water quality by reducing excess nutrient levels. Nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen often build up in lakes due to stormwater runoff, fertilizer, and urban development. Solutions like Alum, Phoslock, and EutroSORB are utilized to improve water quality by targeting excess nutrients. Similarly, beneficial bacteria are used to accelerate the decomposition process and remove excess nutrients from the aquatic system. When nutrient levels are balanced, weeds and algae are less likely to develop, which means you spend less time worrying about your water and more time enjoying it.

Create Beautiful Water with Aeration

Nutrient levels can also be managed with solutions like floating fountains and submersed aerators. Floating fountains not only add beneficial dissolved oxygen to the water, but also elevate aesthetics with their spray patterns and lighting features, making them a stunning feature your community can admire. Submersed aerators utilize bottom diffusers that release air bubbles that rise to the surface. This process helps increase dissolved oxygen levels while circulating the water column. Both systems help enhance water quality so you can spend time in and around the water with family and friends.

Create A Beautiful Living Shoreline

Beneficial buffers can also help improve the health of your lake while adding beauty. Flowering plants and other native vegetation planted in the littoral zone and along the bank can help filter excess nutrients and reduce shoreline erosion. If your shoreline is in need of repair before planting native vegetation, the mesh SOX system can be installed to regain lost shoreline and prevent future erosion damage.

Enjoy Your Water with Natural Management Solutions

Whether the waterbody you are responsible for is a recreational lake, stormwater pond, private lake, or golf course pond, you shouldn’t have to worry about the way your water looks or functions. But we know you care about your water, and we care too. Our lake management experts are ready to partner with you and guide you through building a custom plan that will transform your waterbody so you can stop dealing with the frustrations and finally enjoy your water.

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