Mechanical Harvesting

Nuisance Aquatic Vegetation Control & Pond Weed Removal Services

A mechanical aquatic vegetation cutter or harvester can be used to achieve “area selective” control of nuisance aquatic vegetation and lake weed removal services. Mechanical harvesting is well-suited for clearing large areas of nuisance vegetation or cutting channels through dense vegetation to enhance recreational access. Aquatic weed harvesting services can be performed for many different species of vegetation but is most effective for plants that form a dense surface canopy like water chestnut or water hyacinth. Pondweed removal services are a great way to address this issue.

Typically, one to two harvests are recommended to provide season-long control of commonly targeted species. A committed lake weed removal service can significantly reduce cover and density of annual plants as generations of seeds are removed from the growing cycle and assist in long-term nutrient reduction through the removal of plant biomass.

mechanical harvester aquatic weed removal

The front of the harvester contains a cutting mechanism and hydraulic lifts for raising and lowering the cutting depth. Once lake weeds are cut, steel conveyor mesh carries the weeds onboard to a holding area beneath the operator’s platform. A conveyor in the rear of the vessel off-loads the collected plant matter on-shore where it can be left to de-water and then be loaded and trucked away. Harvesters are powered by two paddle wheels which can be operated individually, allowing for a high degree of maneuverability for such a large machine. Pontoons on either side of the harvester keep it afloat, even when loaded down with hundreds of pounds of water-soaked plant material.

Aquatic Weed Removal with Mechanical Harvesting

Advantages of Mechanical Harvesting

  • Removes plant biomass and nutrients from the waterbody
  • Provides area selective control of nuisance species
  • Offers an eco-friendly solution that does not create temporary water use restrictions during or after the work
  • Acts as an alternative in situations where herbicides are not appropriate or desired
  • Enhances the effectiveness of aquatic vegetation control and pondweed removal services when combined with other control strategies
  • Lake weed removal services offer long-term control solution for certain species

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