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Littoral Zone Management for Lakes & Ponds

Lakes, ponds, and wetlands provide more than just beautiful scenery. They are essential features in our communities and key indicators of environment health. A wealth of water quality insights can be gained from an area called the littoral zone, or littoral shelf.

This is the sloped space where the water meets the land, resembling a wetland. It is often the most fertile and complex part of a waterbody. A multitude of fish and animals inhabit the shallows where both floating and submerged plants thrive in the sunlight, create cover, and produce plentiful levels of dissolved oxygen. Well-tended littoral zones can be a valuable asset to a community by enhancing beauty, improving safety, and increasing property values.

The Littoral Shelf Provides Diverse Benefits

A diverse littoral shelf helps support a healthy aquatic ecosystem from top to bottom. In addition to nurturing communities of fish and wildlife, littoral zones foster biological bacteria, zooplankton, and other beneficial organisms that serve a critical role in the foundation of the food web. 

Littoral areas are also the first line of defense against nutrient pollution. As phosphorus and nitrogen flow into the water during rainstorms, they are intercepted by native plants to be used as fuel, rather than sustaining nuisance aquatic weeds and algae. This, in turn, prevents water stagnation, cloudiness, bad odors, and muck development.

Help Reduce Erosion Damage with Native Buffer Plants

As the space that joins water to land, littoral zones help stabilize the bank and prevent chronic erosion problems. Littoral plant species grow deep into the soil to form a natural containment barrier, increasing the longevity of lake and pond shorelines and preventing volume loss. When cultivated along the shoreline, native flowering plants also help attract beneficial birds, dragonflies, and other predators that feed on mosquitoes and midges. 

The plants found in a healthy littoral shelf can vary based on region. Littoral zones in the south and Florida benefit greatly from flowering species like golden canna, passion vine, penstemon, and jewelweed—to name a few. Conversely, areas like the Northeast often see littoral plants like cardinal flower, blueflag iris, swamp milkweed, and wild columbine. It’s best to discuss with a local lake and pond management expert to determine what’s right for your property.

Littoral Zone Maintenance

Though littoral habitats are robust and full of unique life, they are also delicate and easily disrupted by urban development, erosion, and recreation. When inundated with pollutants and runoff containing pet waste, motor oil, yard fertilizers, grass clippings, and materials resulting from industrial and agricultural practices, littoral zones can degrade. This creates conditions for nuisance weeds, algae, toxic cyanobacteria, and invasive species to take over.

Adopt An Integrated Management Strategy

Littoral zones are best managed proactively using natural management techniques that increase dissolved oxygen levels, limit sedimentation, and eliminate excess nutrients. Responsible management also means evaluating the chemical composition of the lake or pond on a recurring basis through water quality testing. By creating a baseline profile, it is possible to track the onset of imbalances and intervene before undesirable conditions manifest—without relying on short-term solutions like herbicides and algaecides.

Protect the Littoral Zone with Annual Management

One of the most effective ways to cultivate a healthy littoral shelf is through an annual management program, which provides ongoing monitoring and maintenance for lasting results. A SOL Pro Annual Management plan includes a complete toolbox of environmentally-friendly solutions that are backed by the latest technologies and innovations.

Who We Are

At SOLitude Lake Management we’re dedicated to making water a more healthy and beautiful part of our environment and our world. In that pursuit we offer sustainable, comprehensive lake and pond management solutions.

Great Partnership for Nearly A Decade

I’m the property manager of a large residential community in the Tampa Bay area. The property has 27 waterbodies ranging in size from several hundred square feet to almost 69 acres. SOLitude has serviced our aquatic needs for nearly a decade which have ranged from shoreline restoration and aquatic plantings to algae treatment and aeration with excellence and integrity. As a partner in our efforts to always improve our water quality they are a great resource and are able to provide any service relating to water that may be needed.

Marc C.

Property Manager, Tampa, FL

Controlled Invasive Plant Growth

Phragmites had taken over our waterfront and choked out the wildlife access to our pond. SOLitude worked in conjunction with our engineer to procure the necessary coastal and environmental permitting. We are now in year one of a multi-year plan to control invasive plant growth. Almost immediately, the wildlife returned to our pond. Well done SOLitude!

John Greim

Private Landowner, East Greenwich, RI

Go-To for Wetland Preservation

Liz was extremely helpful in providing diligent and competitive pricing and pushed aggressively to meet our deadlines. The quality exceeded expectations and the service was first class! I strongly recommend SOLitude Lake Management to anyone seeking wetland/preservation/lake or even pond maintenance and/or mitigation of EPD. SOLitude performed our initial wetland preservation mitigation to clean and treat for invasive species of plants and maintain/treat on-site ponds & wetlands. Great job Liz & SOLitude!

Rocky Sellers

Sarasota, FL

SOLitude Helped Us Achieve Our Community Goals

As the manager of wetlands and open water for my community, I work with SOLitude Lake Management closely. They have helped us define our vision and achieve our goals. Every wetland area and body of water has different uses and different needs. SOLitude understands that and ensures those needs are met all the while keeping the budget in mind. We have annual fishing tournaments and they come out and talk with the anglers, explaining what we’ve done during the past year and what our future steps will be. Management of wildlife and waters is an ongoing and long-term commitment, SOLitude understands this. They have a dedicated staff that not only manages these areas but also helps educate their clients.

Robert Payne

HOA Chairman, Warrenton, VA

December 8, 2014

Top Notch Service

When one of our stormwater BMPs was overtaken by phragmites, we called SOLitude for treatment. From the bidding process to the follow-up, the service we received was top-notch. A year later, the Phragmites have still not returned. Considering how invasive this species is, this is quite an accomplishment!

Leah Aguilar

Operations Superintendent, York County, VA

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