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    Lake And Pond Management
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    Water Quality Management

    Water Quality Management

    Achieving ecological balance begins with establishing a baseline understanding of the current conditions, developed through professional water quality testing data.

    Attain Clarity through Water Quality Testing and Monitoring

    Fisheries Management 

    fisheries management

    From electrofishing to fish stocking to fish habitat management, we offer a complete range of services to help you reach and exceed your fisheries management goals. 

    Grow Big Fish with SOLitude


    Hydro Raking Services

    When the time does come to remove organic sediment from your waterbody, consider hydro-raking as an effective, environmentally-friendly and economical alternative to dredging.

    Take Back Your Pond with Hydro-Raking and Harvesting

    Erosion Control

    Bioengineered Living Shorelines

    We're pleased to offer this innovative erosion control solution that can be utilized to create a long-lasting sediment containment barrier and living shoreline around your lake or pond.

    Control Erosion with a Bioengineered Living Shoreline

    Nanobubble Aeration

    Nanobubble Aeration Treatments

    Nanobubble aeration treatments offer a premium lake management tool designed to naturally control algae by providing unparalleled direct and lasting oxygenation of the waterbody.

    Control Algae with Nanobubbles


    Biochar, Natural Nutrient Remediation Solution

    This highly absorbent material (similar to activated charcoal) provides a natural solution for removing unwanted excess nutrients that can fuel algae and aquatic weed growth.

    Improve Water Quality with Biochar