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Balance Water Quality with EutroSORB

Nutrients like phosphorus support all life and biological process in lakes and ponds, but can wreak havoc if they surpass healthy thresholds—often due to an influx of trash, debris, animal waste, and pollutants that wash into the water when it rains. Scientists rely on several tools to restore balance in waterbodies of all shapes, sizes, and uses. New developments like EutroSORB are expanding these capabilities and creating new ways to eliminate undesirable nutrients.


eutrosorb phosphorus filtration

EutroSORB Physically Removes Nutrients from the Water

EutroSORB is a filtration technology designed to rapidly capture phosphorus from the water column. It is most effective in areas of moving water such as stormwater ponds, streams, and canals. Once the filter is full, it is physically removed from the waterbody for off-site disposal

Florida Lake Pond Treatment

Nutrient-Binding Technology Helps Improve Water Quality

This product is also available in an aqueous form called EutroSORB WC. This technology can be applied via surface spray application, subsurface injections, or poured into areas with significant water mixing like pipes and intakes.

EutroSORB Water Quality Testing

Enhance Your Water Quality with A Safe & Effective Tool

EutroSORB has an excellent safety profile and does not change water chemistry or pH. To maximize the positive impact, experts recommend using nutrient remediation as part of a long-term maintenance program and pairing it with sustainable solutions like floating fountains or aeration systems. Annual lake and pond management is typically the most eco-friendly and cost-effective way to keep your waterbody healthy, beautiful, and functional all year round. 

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Enhance Your Water Quality

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