Shoreline Erosion Repair

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Protect Lake and Pond Banks and Shorelines

Have you ever wondered if your shoreline is suffering from erosion? Chances are, it is. Shoreline erosion is a common, natural phenomenon that can occur as a result of harsh weather, recreation, poor landscape design, or simply, an aging freshwater ecosystem. Over time, erosion can lead to the formation of trenches, gullies, and hazardous banks.

If shoreline erosion is not addressed, your lake, stormwater pond, or canal may experience native vegetation and habitat loss, nutrient loading, excess runoff, and other complications that accelerate the rate at which your waterbody loses depth and volume. Not to mention, shoreline erosion can be a significant eyesore for homeowners associations, golf courses, municipalities, and other properties in our communities.

Shoreline Management Solutions

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Repair Shoreline Erosion with Bioengineered Living Shorelines

Through SOLitude’s close partnerships, we are proud to offer a variety of unique shoreline erosion control solutions that halt sedimentation and restore damaged banks. These innovative technologies are comprised of a knitted mesh system that can be utilized to create a long-lasting sediment containment barrier around the water.

Once in place, grass, native vegetation, and buffer plants can be installed directly into the knitted mesh, creating a beautiful and living wall of plants. One benefit of the bioengineered living shorelines mesh technology is that it will not rip or lose its integrity over time, but rather, continue to hold the earth in place.

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Long-Lasting Results

Patented bioengineered technology barriers are warrantied to provide at least five years of stabilization, making them an excellent shoreline erosion control option to enhance the health and longevity of delicate banks while improving water quality and aesthetics. In addition to being ecologically friendly, these mesh barriers are a custom solution for every property. The patented mesh can be filled with local sediment or dredged materials from the project site and positioned at the ideal slope and width, providing between 3 inches and 4 feet of shoreline protection.

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Alternative Shoreline Erosion Management Solutions

While mesh barriers can be extremely effective solutions for erosion problems around your waterbody, some properties may require a different approach. Biodegradable logs comprised of natural coconut fibers provide many of the same benefits with two to five years of shoreline erosion control. Coconut fiber logs are excellent erosion solutions for areas with waves or moving water due to their compact size, dense cores and ability to redirect water flow. They may also be installed alongside shorelines to promote the growth of native deep-rooted plants.


Prevent Future Erosion Damage with Proactive Shoreline Management

No matter the type of erosion problem you’re facing, it’s extremely important to cultivate a beneficial vegetative buffer around your waterbody. Buffers are simple to maintain and help keep sediment in place during rainstorms. They’re also known to provide a plethora of benefits beyond erosion control, including nutrient filtration and aesthetic enhancement. Click to view some of our recommended buffer species.

Weak and damaged shorelines can reduce property values and can threaten compliance with stormwater regulations. Likewise, eroded banks often signify significant sedimentation and loss of holding capacity. Whether you would like to address an existing erosion problem or reinforce the strength and appearance of your lake, pond or canal ecosystem, it’s important to stay ahead of sedimentation problems using buffer management and eco-friendly shoreline erosion control strategies.

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