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Water Quality Management For Reservoirs: Prevent Toxic Algae

Cyanobacteria Management Solutions for Reservoirs

Reservoir in VirginiaAs a Reservoir and Drinking Water Facility Manager for your community, you are concerned about cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) in your surface water supply. We all know about the threat to public health and taste and odor issues these HABS (Harmful Algae Blooms) can cause. Our team of environmental experts and water quality management professionals is here to help you keep your municipality’s water supply safe and free of these issues. To thoroughly explore sustainable approaches to your reservoir management, you may want to consider a Deep Dive with water resource professionals.

How do you best provide your customers with clean, safe drinking water?

From water quality testinginvasive species management and algae control to the development and integration of an integrated pest management plan you must have a suite of solutions that provide you with many options for balance and long term sustainability.

SOLitude Lake Management has the Depth Of Expertise to provide those sustainable solutions you need.

"SOLitude Lake Management has been and will continue to be my “go to” firm...The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and willing to always go that extra mile. Their responsiveness to questions, concerns or work orders is fantastic. They have taken the time to educate me and have worked to find cost effective solutions that are sometimes outside of the box. Keep up the great work!"
Sally Stamper
 Newport News, VA

Manage your municipality's water resources properly and efficiently.

The water quality of your reservoir plays a key role in the success and well-being of your community. How can you best ensure that the most sustainable and efficient solutions are implemented? The residents of your municipality are counting on you to provide them with safe, clean drinking water, so it is critical that reservoirs are properly maintained. Consider some more proactive approaches to your management strategy:

      • Revamp your water quality testing and monitoring program. Identify the specific algal species that are the root cause of your problem, and develop treatment strategies specific to the control and ultimately the prevention of these species. 

      • Perform bathymetric evaluations to better understand your waterbody, better quantify the location and volume of the issues, and treat more accurately, effectively, and cost effectively.

      • Utilize nutrient inactivation technologies to reduce the root cause of your water quality issues. 
      • Consider aeration systems designed specifically to meet the needs of large lake and reservoir systems.

If you don't currently have a plan in place, it's difficult to know where to begin. When systems that are integral to your municipality’s water supply are failing, it is important to act quickly and intelligently. Get ahead of the curve and develop a proactive routine management program with the experts at SOLitude and you'll be on your way to establishing a well-maintained reservoir that consistently produces safe, clean drinking water to the community.

The science of reservoir management.

Reservoir Before and AfterProfessional lake management will take care of all of it for you: from water quality testing and monitoring, to toxic algae and aquatic weed prevention and control, nutrient management, water quality restoration, fisheries management and bathymetric studies.

Recruit SOLitude’s team of biologists, ecologists, environmental scientists and aquatic resource specialists who fuse their mastery of the sciences with a passion for the outdoors and the beauty of our natural resources.

Capitalize on a steadfast lake and pond management program that will help you manage your reservoir with a comprehensive suite of drinking water management solutions.

Secure the water quality solutions you need with SOLitude to provide your customers with safe drinking water.

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How To Restore Lake And Pond Water Quality Through Nutrient Management
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Sustainability Pledge

sustainability pledge

In support of our belief that lakes and ponds are a precious natural resource requiring protection, SOLitude is committed to providing sustainable and renewable solutions that maintain ecological balance in the workplace and beyond.


Depth Of Expertise

depth expertise

When you partner with SOLitude, a dedicated field technician visits your lake or pond twice a month, leveraging extensive knowledge and training to carefully maintain ecological balance and preserve the appearance of your aquatic property.




Utilizing the latest GPS aquatic mapping technology and our own proprietary lake and pond management software, the experts at SOLitude collect all the data necessary to provide comprehensive analysis and in-depth solutions.