Muck Removal and Aquatic Vegetation Control

Hydro-raking (mechanical raking) is a widely used and effective technique for selective removal of nuisance, rooted vegetation. The hydro-rake is also used to clear accumulations of unconsolidated bottom muck and debris (i.e. decaying leaves, peat, etc.). Its ability to effectively remove all organic debris from the bottom of a pond makes it an ideal choice for routine maintenance that will help to prolong or prevent the need for future dredging. Removing plants and debris can help to reduce the overall nutrient load, minimizing common water quality issues like low dissolved oxygen, foul odors, and nuisance algae blooms.

I Can’t Say Enough Good Things

I want you to know that the whole team at SOLitude was tremendous in achieving my dream! Rob, the hydro-rake operator, was phenomenal! I can’t say enough good things. I am so happy that I worked with you guys. The results are just incredible. Many many thanks!

Susan D.

Exeter, RI, Private Landowner

Invasive Weeds Are Under Control

We have been using SOLitude’s services for the past three years for managing the neighborhood lake. Their service is excellent. All type of weeds including water hyacinth is now under control without harming the marine ecosystem. The technician who services the lake always makes sure all individual complaints of the resident are taken care of. Will definitely recommend their service, especially for big ponds and lakes.

Paromita Ganguly

Palm Harbor, FL

SOLitude Provided the Perfect Solution

Our Club was more interested in a mechanical removal approach to our weed problem versus a broad-spectrum chemical treatment. Jeff Castellani and his team developed a plan that was well suited for our environmentally sensitive location. The mechanical hydro-raking service that SOLitude provided was the perfect solution and worked very well in our shallow irrigation pond… We look forward to working with Jeff and his professional staff in the coming years.

Tom Colombo

Private Golf Club, Hyannis Port, MA

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Advantages of Hydro-Raking:

  • Removes plants and debris at the sediment-water interface.
  • Operates in water depths ranging from 18 inches to 10 feet.
  • Removes plants and roots systems, as well as decaying organic matter and debris.
  • Provides anywhere from one to three years or longer of nuisance plant control through only one service, depending on conditions.
  • Clears selective areas including beaches as well as boating and fishing lanes.
  • Offers an environmentally friendly solution with no water use restrictions, since chemicals are not used.
  • Helps preserve shoreline landscapes.
  • Acts as a budget-friendly alternative to traditional dredging.

What is a Hydro-Rake?

The hydro-rake can best be described as a floating barge upon which is mounted a backhoe with several different sizes and functioning rake attachments. The hydro-rake can operate in water as shallow as 1.0 -1.5 feet and can remove nuisance vegetation and bottom debris from water depths ranging from 18 inches to 10 feet. Duration of nuisance plant control varies, but is typically “summer long” for submersed species such as water milfoil (Myriophyllum sp.) to 2-3 years or longer for plants with well-developed root systems (i.e. waterlilies, cattails, etc.).


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Is Hydro-Raking the Right Solution for My Lake or Stormwater Pond?

The hydro-rake works from the water and can therefore access coves and shoreline areas otherwise inaccessible to conventional machinery. Damage to valuable shoreline habitat and waterfront property are avoided with the hydro-rake. The hydro-rake deposits each rake full (maximum 500 lbs.) of material directly on-shore. Where travel distances for shoreline off-loading are excessive or access is limited, SOLitude can provide a Harvester/Transporter vessel to work with the hydro-rake. Upland disposal of hydro-raked material may either be handled by the client or SOLitude can provide optional trucking and disposal services.

Removing Invasive Plants with the Hydro-rake!

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