Comprehensive Lake & Pond Assessments

Understand Your Waterbody Inside and Out

Lake and pond management is a complex field that presents never-ending puzzles and surprising challenges. Like a fingerprint, no two bodies of water are exactly the same—and they are always in a state of continuous change based on how the water is used, the surroundings, and even the weather. When diagnosing and designing a solution for a problem like bad odors or nuisance algae growth, professionals take all of this information into account, but it doesn’t provide a complete picture of what’s going on below the surface.

Assessing Your Lake and Pond Health

A professional assessment is the first step to achieve a comprehensive view of your lake or pond’s health. Think of this like a physical for your waterbody. An array of scientific tests are conducted to check its vitals and establish an initial baseline of health. Over time, the comprehensive scientific data can be used to:

  • Identify root causes of recurring issues
  • Predict and prevent the onset of future water quality problems
  • Make better informed proactive management decisions
  • Achieve more impactful and long-lasting results
  • Reduce your environmental footprint and cut management costs

Customized Solutions

SOLitude offers a variety of waterbody assessment options. Each package includes the creation of a customized, comprehensive report for you and your stakeholders. Your freshwater management professional can help you determine which package is most appropriate based on the history of the waterbody, as well as your unique goals and budget.

✔️ Premium Waterbody Assessment

Gain invaluable insights into the health and longevity of your freshwater resource. Leverage new algae identification methods and advanced laboratory work to predict and circumvent water quality problems while cutting down on long-term costs.

✔️ Enhanced Waterbody Assessment

Dive into the unique characteristics of your lake or pond. This essential data can be used to identify underlying problems and tap in to the specific needs of your waterbody with custom solutions.

✔️ Water Wellness Check

Gain a baseline understanding of what’s happening below the surface of your waterbody. This key information will help put you on the right path towards the achievement of your lake or pond goals.

Lake and Pond Water Testing Add-ons

Additional lake and pond water quality tests are available to further customize any of our three assessment packages. Ask your Aquatic Specialist if these tests should be considered for your waterbody.

Additional water quality tests include:

  • Chloride
  • Conductivity
  • Particulate Organic Matter
  • Phosphate
  • Salinity
  • Sediment Organic Matter
  • Total Dissolved Solids
  • Total Hardness
  • Total Iron
  • Total Suspended Solids
  • True Color
  • Clarity Assessments (Examines Chlorophyll-a, Secchi, Turbidity and other parameters)

Lake and Pond Assessment Frequency and Reporting

Lake assessments are accompanied by professional reports that guide the creation of custom management plans to fulfill your waterbody’s unique needs. Every 1-2 years, or as the need arises, these tests may be repeated to track changes and identify areas of concern. SOLitude also offers the very latest in GPS surface mapping, bathymetry, and 3-D contour imaging services, which can further aid in the creation of personalized water quality management plans.

In addition to minimizing the longer and more costly process of trial and error that is required when information is limited, these detailed reports provide tangible evidence of improved water quality and cost-benefit ratios—so you can ensure your investment is worth it.

Once your assessment package is selected, a trained aquatic specialist will visit your property to take samples and send them to the lab for analysis by water quality biologists. Reports will be delivered via email and one of our experts will follow up to review the results. Based on the analysis, SOLitude is ready to work with you to determine steps that can be taken to address any potential issues and recommend sustainable management solutions including lake and pond aeration, nutrient remediation, and shoreline and buffer management to help keep your waterbody healthy and beautiful.

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Erosion Control, Shoreline Management & Beneficial Buffer Plants

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Maximize Your Water Quality Results with an Annual Management Program

Dedicated water quality testing services and these other sustainable solutions are included in our SOL Pro Annual Management Program, which provides consistent maintenance and protection for your waterbody. Our tiered plans make it easy to achieve your year-round lake and pond goals within budget. Speak with your lake management professional to learn how our water quality testing packages can be paired with our Premium, Plus, or Essential annual management plans.

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