Lake and Pond Management for Apartment Communities

Taking Pond Management Off Your Plate

Enhance Your Community Pond

Over-tasked, overwhelmed and often under-appreciated for all that you do: the plight of the apartment community manager. With a growing to-do list, you’re always looking for some relief. That’s where SOLitude comes in. With a commitment to innovation and technological advancement, SOLitude offers an array of proactive, natural management solutions that leave your waterbodies looking pristine and healthy, making them a safe and fun recreational and scenic resource for your residents.

Optimizing Lake Management Strategies with New Technologies

At SOLitude, we focus on bringing the latest industry innovations and technologies to the forefront in order to better serve our client’s management goals. These new resources allow us to target and proactively manage aquatic ecosystems. A few of the latest game-changing innovations in lake and pond management include:

Offering Innovative Solutions to Improve Community Waterbodies

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We are happy to provide a suite of innovative solutions that proactively manage your waterbody so you can focus on other aspects of your community. Complete your community with proactive aquatic management solutions such as:

Adopt the Integrated Approach: Lake Management Solutions that Work Better Together


Waterbodies are complex which means they often need attention from many angles. A holistic Annual Management Plan that incorporates traditional and nanobubble aeration, beneficial buffer management and annual water quality testing can give you a healthy, beautiful waterbody. Neglecting to establish a buffer or an aeration system, for example, could leave your waterbody vulnerable to erosion, toxic algae blooms and another water quality issues. Integrating customized lake and pond solutions will lead to a more balanced management program and give you peace of mind, year-round knowing your residents are enjoying healthy and safe aquatic resources.

Capitalize on an ecologically balanced and sustainable lake and pond management program that rewards your residents with the peace of mind to know they have a comprehensive, all-inclusive program in place that takes away the burden of management, leaving them all the benefits of an aesthetically pleasing aquatic ecosystem that is a focal point for the community.

Enrich your ecosystem. Manage your residential beauty.

Secure the water quality solutions you need to maintain a thriving, sustainable aquatic habitat with SOLitude.

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