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    SOLitech In Action

    Lake, Pond And Fisheries Management Technology

    Managing via AirboatSOLitude Lake Management leverages the latest lake, pond and fisheries management technology to help restore and preserve the natural beauty and ecological balance of your aquatic resources.

    GPS-lake-map_150x150.jpgThrough advanced GPS lake mapping techniques and technologies, SOLitude Lake Management can create a visually engaging and easy-to-understand picture of your lake or pond.

    water-quality-testing_150x150.jpgOur advanced water quality testing services help us understand the chemical and biological constituents in your lake, pond or fishery that cannot be seen with the naked eye.


    Our laboratory algae and vegetation ID services allow us to develop site specific treatment prescriptions des
    igned to selectively and systematically control algae and aquatic weed infestations in a very safe, sustainable and ecollogicaly balanced way.


    Our advanced fisheries equipment and technology can be utilized to understand all of the key components of your fishery and design a customized solution when necessary to resolve issues. 

    alum-barge.jpgUtilizing these detailed maps, water testing results, treatment prescriptions and fisheries surveys in conjunction with our proprietary lake management software, the experts at SOLitude Lake Management collect and analyze all the data necessary to formulate the best possible solutions and recommendations for your unique properties and aquatic ecosystems.

    With SOLitech on your side, you are guaranteed to receive the site specific recommendations and customized lake, pond and fisheries management services you need to protect the balance and beauty of your lakes and ponds.

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    Sustainability Pledge

    sustainability pledge

    In support of our belief that lakes and ponds are a precious natural resource requiring protection, SOLitude is committed to providing sustainable and renewable solutions that maintain ecological balance in the workplace and beyond.


    Depth Of Expertise

    depth expertise

    When you partner with SOLitude, a dedicated field technician visits your lake or pond twice a month, leveraging extensive knowledge and training to carefully maintain ecological balance and preserve the appearance of your aquatic property.




    Utilizing the latest GPS aquatic mapping technology and our own proprietary lake and pond management software, the experts at SOLitude collect all the data necessary to provide comprehensive analysis and in-depth solutions.