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    Technology and Innovation

    SOLitech in Action


    New industry-changing innovations are constantly becoming available to help combat unprecedented obstacles in lake, stormwater pond, wetland and fisheries management. SOLitude Lake Management’s team of environmental scientists, ecologists and aquatic biologists is at the forefront of exciting research and advances in technology and equipment used to restore and preserve the balance of our local aquatic ecosystems. 

    Likewise, our state-of-the-art client management tools allow us to provide superior service reporting while eliminating the time-consuming paperwork that can slow progress. Our comprehensive software facilitates cross-collaboration among our scientific, operations and client relations teams to ensure your aquatic management goals are met promptly and professionally.

    Our suite of “SOLitech” will ensure your aquatic management journey is as proactive, effective and sustainable as possible:

    Water Quality Testing Bathymetric Mapping
    In-house Laboratories Alum Vessels
    Nanobubble Treatments Electrofishing Vessels
    Nutrient Remediation Hydraulic Dredges
    Optimized Herbicides Mechanical Dredges
    Biological Microbials Mechanical Hydro-rakes
    Specialized Fleet Harvesters

    Research and Innovation in Water Quality Enhancement

    Labratory Testing-2

    Water Quality Testing
    Our advanced water quality testing solutions allow us to better understand the unique biological characteristics of your waterbody that cannot be seen with the naked eye. On-site water quality sampling and analysis by experienced Aquatic Biologists can reveal valuable information about your waterbody, like pH and dissolved oxygen levels, that can be leveraged to achieve your property goals.

    In-house Laboratories
    Our state-of-the-art laboratories allow us to comprehensively research and perform deeper algae, plant and water quality examinations—and develop environmentally sound methodologies for the restoration of your aquatic resources. Our laboratory directors hold Master of Science degrees, prestigious industry distinctions, and regularly research and publish and present their scientific findings.

    Nanobubble Treatments
    SOLitude is the first environmental firm to advance nanobubble technology for natural algae elimination and freshwater management applications through continuous research and development with select manufacturers and regulatory agencies. Nanobubbles are poised to transform the entire way we approach the management of lakes and ponds.

    Nutrient Remediation
    Nutrient management is the foundation of any effective aquatic management plan. SOLitude offers an array of proven nutrient remediation technologies and solutions that cater to your unique challenges and goals for your waterbody. Likewise, SOLitude employs some of the nation’s leading experts in nutrient mitigation techniques and water quality restoration.

    Optimized Herbicides
    More efficient innovations are becoming available to safely target undesirable plant species. “Reduced risk” technologies can be used for the selective control of some of our nation’s most invasive and recurring aquatic weeds. SOLitude’s experts are exclusively certified in the use of highly-selective herbicides that leverage new mechanisms to target the unique growth processes of these undesirable species.

    Beneficial Microbials
    SOLitude’s team of scientific experts are certified and trained in the innovative practice of biological augmentation, which involves applying microbial and enzyme-enriched products to enhance the balance of aquatic ecosystems. The use of these naturally occurring bacteria efficiently metabolizes excess nutrients and organic matter that might ordinarily threaten the balance of an optimal environment.

    State-of-the-Art Equipment and Specialized Technology


    Specialized Fleet
    SOLitude is proud to oversee the largest fleet of tools, equipment and aquatic management vehicles in the industry. Hundreds of amphibious all-terrain vehicles, trucks, and utility boats are a standard part of our daily operation. Unique regional challenges are met with specialized equipment, including airboats, aquamogs, excavators, and marsh masters. We have the right equipment for each client.

    Bathymetric Mapping Equipment
    Utilizing advanced GPS lake mapping techniques and technologies, SOLitude can create a visually engaging and easy-to-understand picture of your lake or pond. Equipped with the very latest in GPS surface mapping, bathymetry, 3-D contour imaging and aerial and fly-over video resources, we have the mapping tools you need to successfully manage and budget for the future of your waterbody. 

    Alum Application Vessels
    SOLitude’s state-of-the-art vessel is custom designed to apply nutrient remediation products, like alum, to large lake systems. The 30 ft long barge is powered by twin outboard engines and equipped with a fathometer and GPS–based speedometer, in-line pressure gauges, and flowmeters that measure product delivery rates. Our vessel is also equipped with three tanks with a combined capacity of 3000 gallons. 

    Electrofishing Vessels
    Our state-of-the-art electrofishing (electroshocking) vessel homes an on-board generator that produces electricity. The electric pulse travels through the bow of the boat and then passes through the water, temporarily stunning fish, allowing them to float to the surface and be placed in holding tanks using a dip net. Our advanced electrofishing surveys are a safe and effective way to study fish populations.

    Hydraulic Dredges
    Hydraulic dredges are the workhorse of the lake dredging industry and are effective in moving large volumes of organic and inorganic sediments. They utilize a rotating underwater cutter and pumps to create a liquid slurry which is transferred to a disposal site via a floating pipeline. Hydraulic dredges have continuous operating cycles, facilitating the removal of large volumes of material in a short time.

    Mechanical Dredges & Aquamogs
    Mechanical dredges use buckets to excavate sediments and transfer them to barges or trucks for disposal or beneficial reuse. Truck transportable mechanical dredges such as Aquamogs can be delivered to virtually any waterbody to remove sediments in targeted areas or clear rooted marginal plants such as cattails from stormwater detention basins or flood control channels.

    Mechanical Hydro-rakes
    Mechanical raking or hydro-raking is an environmentally friendly tool used to remove soft, organic muck and debris from the bottom of lakes and ponds. This floating barge can also be used to naturally and selectively remove nuisance aquatic plants. The hydro-rake works in water as shallow as 1 foot and can restore depths ranging from 18 inches to 10 feet. 

    Mechanical Harvesters
    A mechanical aquatic vegetation cutter or harvester can be used to achieve “area selective” control of nuisance aquatic vegetation. Mechanical harvesting is well-suited for clearing large areas of nuisance vegetation or cutting channels through dense vegetation to enhance recreational access. Aquatic weed harvesting services can be performed for many different species of vegetation.

    With SOLitech on your side, you are guaranteed to receive the most comprehensive recommendations and customized lake, stormwater pond, wetland and fisheries management services you need to protect the balance and beauty of your aquatic ecosystems.
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