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Aquatic Weed Management in California

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Pond Weed Removal Service in California

Lakes in ponds can add unparalleled beauty and dynamic movement, as well as valuable functional benefits, to any California residence, community, golf course, or commercial property. Furthermore, well-maintained waterbodies can help increase property values by appealing to people’s innate desire to spend time around the water. Unfortunately, most lakes and ponds don’t become beautiful on their own—they are the product of ongoing, year-round maintenance aimed at preventing water quality problems, like pond weeds, before they manifest.

Many factors can contribute to the development of nuisance and invasive pond weeds. Pond weed removal service in California is common. Often, this involves the use of highly-targeted herbicides that are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for duckweed and azolla control, or watermeal removal. Duckweed removal and management services are available in many regions, including Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Fresno, Nevada County, Calaveras County, and many other areas.

Mechanical Removal of Aquatic Weeds

Other pond weeds throughout California can be managed using mechanical hydro-rakes, dredging equipment, or harvesters. By using a mechanical hydro-rake, professionals are able to physically scoop out hundreds of pounds of submersed nuisance plants and nutrient-heavy bottom debris for off-site disposal. Mechanical harvesters, on the other hand, are most effective for floating nuisance plants, which move freely across the surface of the water. During the removal process, a cutting mechanism shears the target vegetation, which is then hoisted on board for dewatering until it can be off-loaded at the shore.

Managing Nutrient Levels for Healthier Water Quality

Though herbicide and mechanical removal services are effective, halting or reversing the water quality conditions that facilitate the growth of undesirable vegetation is key. This starts with nutrient remediation. Though nutrients are necessary for organic growth, excess nutrient levels can cause unhealthy growth surges. Following comprehensive water quality tests, professionals may choose to apply an eco-friendly nutrient remediation product like Phoslock, Aluminum sulfate, or EutroSORB. Though each works differently, they all are designed to establish more appropriate nutrient concentrations in the waterbody.

Repair Eroded Shorelines

Professionals may also look at the shoreline when determining the best course of action for weed management. Crumbling, damaged shorelines are more likely to release nutrient-rich sediment into the water when erosion occurs. Unhealthy shorelines are also less likely to support robust shoreline plants, which normally act as a beneficial buffer that filters out pollutants in stormwater runoff. Eroded lake and pond banks can be restored using a bioengineered shoreline technology called SOX Solutions. During the process, the knit mesh SOX are filled with sediment, shaped into a new shoreline, anchored for lasting stability, and then planted with native beneficial species for enhanced stormwater filtration.

Enhance Water Quality with Fountains

Newly restored shorelines don’t just increase stability, they can significantly enhance the look of a property. Many stakeholders elect to bring even more aesthetic beauty to a lake or pond with a floating fountain. Fountains are available in many spray and lighting options that create a mesmerizing focal point on any waterbody. They also provide essential water circulation and may help improve dissolved oxygen levels in the water column, creating water quality conditions that are less hospitable to nuisance weeds. In deeper waterbodies, dissolved oxygen can be further improved by placing a submersed aerator on the bottom underneath the fountain.

Stay Ahead of Pond Weeds with Water Quality Testing

Many factors can contribute to the development of pond weeds, so it’s important to lean on recurring water quality testing throughout the process. Professional water quality tests examine a variety of parameters to identify problem sources and inform management decisions. While watermeal removal, and duckweed and azolla control are important pond weed removal services in California, stakeholders can find the most long-term success and cost-savings through proactive maintenance.

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