How to Achieve Your Dream Waterbody

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Navigating Your Lake Management Journey

As any lake owner or manager knows, maintaining a waterbody is hard work. At best, you may experience a few hiccups every now and then like small mats of algae or cloudiness. At worst, you may face toxic blooms of cyanobacteria, severe erosion issues, or flooding. Achieving the lake or pond of your dreams is not a linear process; it’s a journey. Whether you’re new to water management or well into your quest, it’s never too late to reevaluate your trajectory and make sure you’re taking the safest and most efficient route toward your waterbody goals.

Identify your goals and stakeholders

In order to achieve the goals you’ve set for your lake or pond, it’s important to visualize them. Maybe you desire a small backyard pond for swimming, fishing, and kayaking with friends and family. You may need a stormwater pond that efficiently collects rainwater while providing aesthetic beauty. Perhaps you oversee a large lake or drinking water reservoir that requires safe, clean water for the public. With the support of an experienced Aquatic Expert, HOA managers, property owners, municipal leaders, golf course superintendents, and other decision-makers can develop a detailed roadmap tailored to their unique needs and budget, as well as to the one-of-a-kind characteristics of their waterbodies.

Conduct lake water quality testing

One of the most important steps when navigating your journey is establishing baseline knowledge about your aquatic ecosystem. Professionals conduct visual surveys and advanced water quality testing to learn about the physical and chemical properties of an aquatic ecosystem. Parameters like dissolved oxygen (DO), nutrient levels, pH, and turbidity provide valuable context by allowing professionals to identify potential imbalances, predict future problems, and develop a timeline to implement short- and long-term management solutions.

Plan ahead to prolong your lake's lifespan

In lake and pond management, every waterbody has a countdown. Over time, sediment, debris, animal waste, and other organic materials accumulate at the bottom of all lakes and ponds. As an ecosystem becomes more shallow, it loses its capacity to hold water, which can increase the risk of flooding during storms and severely damage shoreline areas. Eventually, dredging services will be needed to physically remove these materials and restore the waterbody to its original depth and volume. Though this is a natural occurrence, it can be expedited by human activities such as construction and urban development, agriculture, and recreation. Luckily, by planning ahead, stakeholders can cruise past these dead-ends, ensuring a smoother journey.

Proactive management helps you stay ahead of water quality issues

If dredging is a dead-end street on the roadmap towards the waterbody of your dreams, proactive management solutions are shortcuts. By implementing preventive measures and sustainable practices, you can sidestep the need for extensive restoration efforts, as well as smaller roadblocks like nuisance weeds and algae. Shoreline management, nutrient mitigation, biological bacteria, fountains and aeration, and ongoing water quality monitoring can help you cultivate a healthy, beautiful, functional waterbody – and enjoy it for as long as possible.

Elevate your pond management plan with new technologies

Furthermore, advanced technologies and solutions like professional drones, bathymetric mapping, and electrofishing can serve as navigational tools on your management journey. These technologies help stakeholders better understand depth, underwater features, and even fish populations, allowing them to use their time, attention, and resources more efficiently.

Achieve your ideal waterbody with help from experts

Lake and pond management is never smooth sailing. Water is in a constant state of change, impacted by weather conditions, wildlife, land use, and countless other factors. Navigating these complexities requires a proactive approach that incorporates as much knowledge and innovation as possible. With an experienced Aquatic Expert as your guide, you can enjoy each milestone on your journey while keeping your goals firmly on the horizon.

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