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Fountain and Pond Aeration Maintenance Best Practices

Fountains and pond aerators are some of the most popular tools that can take lakes and ponds to the next level. Visually, they create elegant movement that catches the attention of passersby and elevates the appeal of communities, golf courses, parks, and other properties. Furthermore, these systems support healthy water quality conditions all year long. Every waterbody can benefit from the aesthetic and functional benefits provided by fountains and pond aerators, but without consistent maintenance, these benefits can subside over time. 

Similar to a vehicle, floating lake fountains, surface pond aerators, and submersed diffused aerators require regular monitoring and tune-ups to keep them in optimal condition. While this can be an investment, it plays an important role in prolonging the lifespan of the equipment, allowing you to reap the benefits for as long as possible.

Prolong Your Fountain or Aerator with Regular Maintenance

Recurring inspections involve examining the electrical components, lighting features, spray nozzles, subsurface tubing and diffusers, observing equipment for any signs of damage, and cleaning as needed. Licensed experts, who have trained directly with manufacturers, will ensure that systems are still properly positioned within the waterbody for maximum performance. As part of maintenance, a professional may also keep records of all controls and motor functions. This history can be used to perform trend analysis and predict and prevent future problems. 

Keep Your Fountain Running Smoothly

In the winter, professionals recommend more significant annual maintenance tasks such as an oil and seals change for fountains and surface pond aerators. During this process, experts perform an internal inspection of the power unit, replace the rotary shaft seal and any worn parts, and change the oil to keep the fountain operating smoothly and efficiently – much like your car. The cost to perform the routine oil and seals maintenance service is determined by the size and horsepower of your equipment. For waterbodies located in warmer climates, like Florida, oil and seals changes are still recommended once a year.

In areas of the country that are prone to severe, continuous freezing during the winter, professionals may also recommend removing floating fountains and pond aeration equipment from the water to prevent potential damage.

Further Support the Health of Your Lake

Maintenance is an important responsibility of lake and pond ownership, and balanced waterbodies don’t happen by accident. When you work with an experienced partner, you can rest assured that your fountains and aerators are always working in peak condition to support the health of your waterbody from the inside out.

A dedicated partner can also work with you to build on aeration solutions with other proactive tools and strategies, including nutrient remediation, ongoing water quality testing, and shoreline restoration. It’s all part of an ongoing annual management program that maintains your waterbody as a beautiful asset that brings your property to life for residents and visitors to admire.

Fountain & Aeration Vendor Partners

SOLitude Lake Management offers installation, service, and warranty support for all of the top brands of lake and pond fountain equipment. We offer a complete line of Airmax, AquaMaster®, Vertex Aquatic Solutions, Aqua Control, Kasco, Keeton, Bearon Aquatics, and Otterbine fountains and aerators, and have consistently maintained a position as one of the top three distributors in the world for AquaMaster, the industry leader in floating lake and pond fountain design and manufacturing.

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