Solar Powered Aeration

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An Environmentally-Friendly Aeration Solution for Lakes & Ponds

Sometimes it’s not feasible to install an aeration system in an isolated lake or pond with no economical way to provide a power source. This predicament presents itself in a variety of different areas, including golf course lakes, farm ponds, private waterbodies, and stormwater ponds. Fortunately, for those who are unable to get electric power to their lake or pond, there are now a variety of viable solar powered alternatives available to provide aeration to your waterbody utilizing the sun’s rays. Solar powered pond aerators are also the perfect option for those who are focused on reducing their ecological footprint by utilizing alternative energy sources. And since there is little to no cost associated with powering a solar aerator, the system will help pay for itself over time.

The Solar Solution: Solar Powered Aeration for Lakes and Ponds

How Do Solar Powered Aerators Work?

Solar aerators incorporate most of the same components as electric aeration systems. Both electric and solar systems include an on-shore compressor that pumps air through bottom-weighted tubing to diffusers in the waterbody. The air helps circulate water through the water column, thus adding dissolved oxygen and equalizing the water temperature. The only real difference between the two systems is that a solar aeration system includes a solar panel in order to utilize the sun’s rays as its power source.

What Happens if the Sun isn't Shining?

Many solar aerators have the ability to store power through a battery back-up system that can effectively be used to power the system during times when the sun is not shining. So, throughout the night when there isn’t any sunlight available or during cloudy weather that compromises the effectiveness of the solar panel, aeration will remain running thanks to the battery back-up.

Maintaining Your Solar Aeration System

Like all other aeration systems, your solar powered aeration system needs regular maintenance to make certain that it operates at an optimal level. Our team has extensive experience with all of the leading manufacturers’ solar pond aerators. An aerator maintenance plan will help to ensure that your system runs at optimal efficiency and that your lake or pond always has the best aeration possible – in rain or shine.

Want to learn more about solar lake and pond aerators or need help determining if solar aeration is right for your property? Contact the aerator experts at SOLitude Lake Management.

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