Architectural Water Features

Pond Waterfall Feature

Customized Beauty & Function

In addition to traditional aeration solutions like floating fountains and submersed aerators, SOLitude Lake Management designs, maintains and constructs architectural fountains and custom water features, which add unique beauty and dimension to wineries, corporate campuses, casinos, resorts and public spaces.

Exactly What You Want

Do you have a unique idea for a water feature on your property or perhaps an interior water feature that runs year round? Do you want to replicate that beautiful fountain from your alma mater or your favorite vineyard? Our teams can design and build whatever you have in mind—from classic to grandiose.

For property owners that aren’t quite sure what would best suit their needs, our knowledgeable team has an eye for aesthetics and can recommend styles that align well with your property type, budget and long-term goals.

Proper Maintenance Preserves Your Investment

Architectural water features can be complex to install and may require extensive planning, engineering or renovations, including concrete work, tile, pumps, and control systems. But once in place they are often very simple to maintain.

Installations can also be designed with ozone and ultraviolet light water sterilization to ensure public safety. Service points for most architectural fountains are located within an enclosed space protected from the elements, which typically equates to a long and cost-effective service life.

Just as no two ponds are exactly alike, your goals for your water features are totally unique. Whether you desire to enhance the natural beauty of your property or introduce a stunning new focal point, contact your lake and pond management professional to get started.