2016 Aquafix Research & Case History Program – Winning Project Report

May 5th, 2017

aquafix before and after photoThe Aquafix Research & Case History Rewards Program is an annual contest created to allow lake and pond managers to show off all the great work they do with Aquafix products. Biologist and Territory Leader Matt Ward was named by AquaFix, Inc. as their Research and Case History Program winner for 2016. Read his entire report below:  

2016 Aquafix Case StudyBy Matthew Ward, Biologist and Territory LeaderAquafix Product Used: VSMD and Aquasticker• Location: Private Residence in Magnolia, TX• Timing of Treatment: Algae treatments combined with Aquasticker and monthly applications of VSMD• Acreage: 0.25• Target Weeds/Algae: bushy pondweed, chara, filamentous algae (especially tolypothrix), and water primrose• Objectives: Keep the pond clean and clear of aesthetically undesirable growth and keep submersed growth to a minimumProject Overview:

The private landowners have a shallow pond with little aeration —one small fountain runs a few hours a day. The waterbody receives heavy nutrient loading as a result of an aerobic septic system that broadcasts in their watershed.Prior to the use of VSMD, this pond received regular dosages of alum as well as herbicide and algaecide treatments that were very ineffective at providing either temporary or extended control of noxious growth. At times more than half of their pond would be covered in a mat of tolypothrix. Eventually, after much experimentation, we found an algaecide recipe that included an application of Aquasticker (20 lbs/surface acre) which initially controlled the noxious growth and then have been able to maintain control with regular additions of alum and VSMD. The initial dose of VSMD was 20 lbs per surface acre per month and the current dose is 3 lbs per surface acre per month.


Through the integrated biological augmentation program, we successfully treated the lake while reducing our maintenance costs. More importantly, the client was extremely pleased to see that their pond was successfully cleared of algae and aquatic weeds. They were also happy that fewer chemicals were used during the treatments. Overall, we have maintained 99% control of all forms of growth without algaecide or herbicide.

Product Usage Report:

product usage report

Note: costs are in actual total dollars of products. Cost is total for their pond.


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matt ward solitude lake management bio photoAs a Biologist and Territory Leader at SOLitude, Matt Ward brings a scientific and resource conscious approach to the company’s lake, pond and fisheries management projects. Matt has more than a decade of industry experience in the management of thousands of acres of water across the Southwest throughout his career, and has designed water monitoring programs for all types of waterbodies, including a 3,600-acre reservoir in northeast Texas. 

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