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Fisheries Management Services
Fish Stocking, Fish Habitat Management, Electrofishing and More

From fish stocking to fish habitat management, we offer a complete range of services to help you reach and exceed your fisheries management goals. 

Proper lake and pond management is essential to creating the perfect aquatic habitat to grow healthy fish. One of the most important aspects of fisheries management is habitat, which is made up of both the physical and biological aspects of the aquatic ecosystem. And when it comes to fisheries management, we provide long-term solutions for sustained success of your fishery. Our services include fish stocking, supplemental fish feeding, fish cover enhancement, water quality management, genetic testing, algae and aquatic weed control, electrofishing studies, aeration installation and service, and bathymetric mapping. We'll also assist with any necessary permitting and will work with you to ensure that your lake or pond is in compliance with any local, state or federal regulations.

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Two Largemouth BassFor those interested in stocking fish, reach out to us and one of our fisheries biologists will work with you to help identify your goals. Then, based on the individual characteristics of your waterbody and your budget, we’ll formulate a fish stocking proposal to provide you the best chances of success. In some cases we may recommend electrofishing services or water quality data collection prior to actually providing a fish stocking proposal, depending on the conditions and needs of the waterbody.

Contact Us Today to Get a Conversation Started with a Fisheries Biologist

When it comes to fish stocking, we utilize a trusted network of quality fish farmers across the county. We are able to secure the variety and quantity of fish needed to ensure that our clients have the highest odds of reaching their goals. We go through rigorous measures to ensure that fish remain healthy throughout the entire fish stocking process.

"We appreciate that a management program was developed that fits within our budget and that the fisheries biologists at SOLitude are available to talk with us when we have questions. The fish survey SOLitude completed for us, the recommendations on slot sizes, and the stocking and feeding program that were developed are producing outstanding results. Our club's fishery is in the best condition it has ever been!"
John McCracken 
President, Chohoke Fishing Club, West Point, VA

So whether you want to catch largemouth bass, tiger muskie, hybrid-striped bass or other trophy fish species, or you are just interested in consistent and reliable fishing for you and your family, our experienced staff of fisheries biologists at SOLitude Lake Management will work closely with you to design an individually tailored Fisheries Management Plan that is customized to your specific goals, budget and timeframe.

Download Our Printable Fisheries Management Solutions Flyer

Learn more about our fisheries management services:

Contact us today at 888.480.LAKE (5253) for fish stocking services and all of your trophy fisheries management needs. The experienced fisheries biologists at SOLitude Lake Management are here to help you maintain a thriving, sustainable aquatic ecosystem. Find Your Fishery Balance



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Sustainability Pledge

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In support of our belief that lakes and ponds are a precious natural resource requiring protection, SOLitude is committed to providing sustainable and renewable solutions that maintain ecological balance in the workplace and beyond.


Depth Of Expertise

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When you partner with SOLitude, a dedicated field technician visits your lake or pond twice a month, leveraging extensive knowledge and training to carefully maintain ecological balance and preserve the appearance of your aquatic property.




Utilizing the latest GPS aquatic mapping technology and our own proprietary lake and pond management software, the experts at SOLitude collect all the data necessary to provide comprehensive analysis and in-depth solutions.