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    Matt Ward of SOLitude Wins 2016 Research & Case History Program Award

    by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Apr 11, 2017

    before and after algae treatmentSOLitude Lake Management, an industry leader in lake and pond management, fisheries management and related environmental services for the United States, is pleased to announce Biologist Matt Ward was named by AquaFix, Inc. as their Research and Case History Program winner for 2016.

    A leading international expert in the development of bacteria and enzyme products for the management of fresh waterbodies, AquaFix, Inc. recognizes industry professionals for their project achievements through its Research and Case History Program. Case study projects from the nation’s top aquatic professionals are judged according to a combination of factors, including data quality, clarity, images and creativity, and winners are featured in AquaFix’s 2017 Natural Lake Catalog.

    Ward’s case study outlined his diagnosis and two-year treatment of a privately-owned pond in Magnolia, TX. The quarter acre pond was overgrown with nuisance vegetation, including bushy pondweed, chara, filamentous algae and water primrose. Through an experimental integrated biological augmentation program, Ward significantly improved water quality and reduced conditions that are favorable to algae by successfully limiting nutrient pollution and the accumulation of organic sludge. The pond saw a 99 percent decrease of all noxious growth, and the clients reduced their algaecide and herbicide usage by more than 95 percent.

    “We’re thrilled to recognize Matt Ward for his successful, innovative and sustainable treatment strategy in Magnolia, Texas,” said AquaFix Vice President of Aquatics Landon Wiet. “We congratulate Matt for his diligence in the field and his dedication to exceeding the goals of his clients.”

    matt-ward-headshot-c-239827-edited.jpgA resident Biologist and Territory Leader at SOLitude, Matt Ward has worked in the aquatics industry for more than a decade. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Biology at Texas A&M University, and he went on to earn his Master of Science degree in Biochemistry before joining SOLitude in 2006. Ward is an active leader in the industry and maintains relationships with the Texas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society and the Texas Aquatic Plant Management Society, where he previously served as President. He has also worked alongside the Texas Parks and Wildlife Inland Fisheries and regularly partakes in public speaking engagements to promote stewardship of freshwater fisheries resources.

    “We are fortunate to collaborate with an industry partner like AquaFix that is committed to providing superior products through technological advancement,” Ward said. “I’m honored to be recognized and rewarded for our team’s level of detail, care and expertise. I look forward to continuing to develop improved lake and pond management strategies through our partnership with AquaFix.” New Call-to-action

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