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Pond Algae And Lake Weed Control

Aquatic Weed And Algae Management Services

Pond Algae And Lake Weed ControlNuisance aquatic vegetation and algae has a big impact on the beauty and ecological balance of your lake or pond. Algae and lake weed control is particularly important to the health and quality of any aquatic ecosystem.

As a SePRO Preferred Applicator, SOLitude Lake Management utilizes the most advanced products and practices. We provide our clients with high-quality environmentally conscious algae and aquatic vegetation management services. Our lake weed control and algae treatment solutions help eliminate toxic algae and undesirable exotic weeds that would otherwise jeopardize the balance of their pond, lake, wetland or aquatic ecosystem.

"We’ve been working with SOLitude Lake Management since 2009 when an aggressive aquatic weed was becoming a problem and taking over our pond. The staff of SOLitude Lake Management identified the weed and treated the pond promptly with much success. Since that time, our ponds have been monitored monthly by their competent staff and precautions have been taken so that the pond weeds do not get out of control. We are pleased with the quality of service and their effort to work with us towards an organic approach to keeping our ponds healthy.”
Marcie Weigelt
Mt. Cuba Center, Hockessin, DE

Invasive algae and aquatic weeds are not only unsightly, but can sometimes be a danger to aquatic life and humans depending on the species. They can cause many water quality problems and be a detriment to aquatic ecosystems, while also hiding a lake's true beauty. Properly identifying the target algae and aquatic weeds growing in your pond is an important factor in achieving the desired results. Choosing the right product and applying it at the right rates at the right times will provide you with lasting results. An annual management plan will reduce the chances of your aquatic resources from ever looking like the "before" pictures below. You can obtain picture perfect results to enjoy through every changing season, as demonstrated in the "after" pictures below.

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Listen to Industry Expert Bo Burns discuss aquatic vegetation control:


Private_Pond_Purcellville_VA_1.50_acres_BEFORE_watermeal_algae_brittle_naiad_treatments_1-1 Private_Pond_Purcellville_VA_1.50_acres_AFTER_watermeal_algae_brittle_naiad_treatments    

before-and-after-update-14.jpg before-and-after-update-14-14.jpg    

Golf_course_Irrigation_Pond_New_Kent_VA_6.50_acres_BEFORE_Filamentous_algae_treatments Golf_course_Irrigation_Pond_New_Kent_VA_6.50_acres_AFTER_Filamentous_algae_treatments    

before-and-after-update-6.jpg before-and-after-update-6-6.jpg    

Assisted_Living_Pond_Silver_Spring_MD_0.75_acres_BEFORE_hydrilla_algae_duckweed_treatments-1 Assisted_Living_Pond_Silver_Spring_MD_0.75_acres_AFTER_hydrilla_algae_duckweed_treatments-1    View More Before and After Treatment Photos



Algae Control Without Chemicals!
Control algae the environmentally safe way with SonicSolutions®

Sonic Solutions 


SonicSolutions® is the state-of-the-art, ultrasonic algae control device that gets rid of algae without harming other aquatic life. 

Learn more about SonicSolutions products.








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Eliminate Weeds & Algae  

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In support of our belief that lakes and ponds are a precious natural resource requiring protection, SOLitude is committed to providing sustainable and renewable solutions that maintain ecological balance in the workplace and beyond.


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When you partner with SOLitude, a dedicated field technician visits your lake or pond twice a month, leveraging extensive knowledge and training to carefully maintain ecological balance and preserve the appearance of your aquatic property.




Utilizing the latest GPS aquatic mapping technology and our own proprietary lake and pond management software, the experts at SOLitude collect all the data necessary to provide comprehensive analysis and in-depth solutions.