Windmill Aeration Systems

Eco-Friendly Aerators For A Healthy Environment

Windmill Aeration SystemsTo keep ponds clean and maintain ecological balance, water requires oxygen. Without this vital element, water turns unhealthy, resulting in fish kills and harmful bacteria growth. You can prevent this by adding oxygen to the water with an Outdoor Water Solutions Aeration Windmill. You can also benefit from this aeration in the winter because it helps prevent freezing water through water circulation beneath the surface of the pond.

Windmill Aeration Systems from Outdoor Water Solutions are the clear choice for an eco-friendly lake or pond aerator. Aeration occurs without the need for electricity, making this system an enivronmentally safe solution for pond aeration while reducing the overall carbon footprint of your property.

Other benefits of the Outdoor Water Solutions Windmill Aerator include:

Windmill Aeration SystemsOperation – Aerates without electricity in as little as 3-5 mph winds. One system is designed to aerate ponds that are up to 2-3 acres in size. For larger ponds, additional windmill aeration systems can be utilized. When working with wider/shallower ponds, one system is effective, but we recommend the use of multiple airstones to disperse the oxygen more efficiently. The OWS Selector valves allow you to regulate the oxygen to each airstone. The windmill aerator can be placed up to 1000′ from the pond for effective aeration.

“BalCam” Technology – Patent pending technology that increases the amount of air produced with a single diaphragm utilizing the new balanced camshaft system. This innovative new design uses a straight camshaft to balance the workload on three internally mounted sealed bearing’s giving you much longer bearing life.

Manufacturing – Manufactured in the USA with top quality 18-gauge galvanized steel to our newly engineered design specs. Each piece is cut to order and the system assembled in the outdoor water solutions facility.

Angle Cut Blades – Engineered to capture and operate even with a limited amount of wind speed. Longer than many competitors on the market to catch more wind. Total head width is 73″, which is the largest head on the market!

Windmill Aeration SystemsHigh Efficiency – Larger compressor 1/2″ piston stroke and 10″ diaphragm. Engineered for most efficient air production and maximum compressor life. It can run up to three different diffusers, aerating ponds and lakes from ¼ acre up to 3 acres in size.

Self-Governing Heat And Tail Fin Design – This uniquely designed tail fin captures the maximum air and is designed to turn out of excessive winds to prevent damage to the windmill.

3-Sided Tower Design – The three sided tower allows for ease in lowering and raising the windmill for maintenance and repair and allows for the need of only three ground mounting locations. Available in 12′, 16′ and 20′ heights.

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