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Top 5 Lake Management Articles of 2022

The year is almost over, but there is still time to set your lake or pond up for success. Start the planning process now and lay the foundation for a healthy and beautiful waterbody in 2023. Whether you’re looking to create happy communities or want to learn effective shoreline management solutions, our experts are here to help. Look back at our top 5 articles of 2022 and discover everything SOLitude has to offer to help you achieve your waterbody goals.

1. How Consistent Lake Management Helps Create Happier, Healthier Communities

For many, water brings peace and happiness. That is one of the many reasons maintaining a healthy waterbody is so important. Water quality issues can have a harmful effect on recreational activities, wildlife, property values, and overall quality of life. Start a proactive management plan and enjoy the benefits of a healthy waterbody all year long.

2. Set Your Waterbody Up for Success This Year and Beyond

Annual management is essential to the health and well-being of any lake or pond. Proactive, eco-friendly strategies that are tailored to your unique ecosystem will make it possible to maintain a balanced and beautiful waterbody for all to enjoy. Build a custom annual lake management plan and achieve your goals for years to come.

3. Beyond the Water: Effectively Managing Lake and Pond Shorelines

Regular shoreline maintenance ensures that your lake or pond can withstand the test of time. Protecting your waterbody from the dangerous and unsightly effects of erosion starts with preventative management. Learn how smart solutions such as bioengineered living shorelines can repair even the most severe erosion cases.

4. Control Nutrient Levels and Improve Lake and Pond Health with All-Natural Alum

Nutrient Remediation with Alum is one of the most effective and natural solutions for poor water quality. When water quality is healthy, algae, nuisance weeds, and toxic cyanobacteria are less likely to thrive. Restore the balance and beauty of your waterbody with Alum and other proactive solutions.

5. Oxygenation Solutions for Lakes & Ponds: Floating Fountains vs. Surface Aerators vs. Submersed Aeration

Healthy, functional lakes and ponds require oxygen. Waterbodies with poor water quality can suffer from water quality impairments like algae, toxic cyanobacteria, and aquatic weed growth. Fortunately, lake managers can utilize three solutions to increase oxygen: floating fountains, surface aerators, and submersed diffused aeration.

Achieve Your Ideal Waterbody

There’s no doubt that lakes and ponds are vital to our communities. That’s why it’s so important to maintain a healthy waterbody for everyone to enjoy. Let us help you reach your lake and pond management goals next year. Contact our professionals to get started on your 2023 management plan.


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