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    Seeing Is Believing With SePRO Products!

    by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Feb 13, 2013

    SOLitude's clients have benefited from the amazing results of a series of proven aquatic products used in the treatment of algae and nuisance aquatic vegetation in their lakes and ponds.

    SePRO, specifically, has several effective products that our team of experts and customers rely on to make our lakes and ponds balanced and beautiful. 

    Here are a few excerpts from case studies that show proof of effective treatments and satisfied clients:

    VA Lake treated by SOLitude Lake Management with SePro Sonar QShannon Junior treated a lake within a 1,500 acre agricultural property in Free Union, Virginia. This property was primarily used for grazing horses and hay production and included a large lake used for swimming and fishing. The lake was over taken by aquatic weeds, so the recreational use became limited. The owners agreed to use a low impact environmental herbicide program with SePRO's Sonar Q and were extremely satisfied with the results. 


    VA Pond treated by SOLitude Lake Management with SePro Captain XTRDavid Ellison, Aquatic Biologist, treated a farm's community stormwater ponds which are located in Suffolk, Virginia. The larger of the stormwater ponds had been taken over by filamentous algae and were an ecological issue as well as an eyesore to the community.  SePRO's Captain XTR was used so successfully that only one treatment was needed and the project came in well under budget. 


    VA Pond treated by SOLitude Lake Management with SePro Phoslock

    Shannon Junior treated a community ppond in Loudoun Country, Virginia. This pond was continually plagued by several algae blooms. A trial with a new product, Phoslock, was used in conjunction with the herbicide program already in progress, helping to greatly improve the health of the pond. Due to the wonderful results, it will be added to the treatment strategy moving forward.       


    VA Pond treated by SOLitude Lake Management with SePro SeClear






    Kyle Finerfrock, Environmental Scientist, treated a golf course in New Kent, Virginia. The irrigation pond located within the golf course property was neglected for over a year and was covered in algae. SePRO's SeClear was applied and over two treatments the entire algae bloom had died and did not return for the remainder of the season.  


    VA Pond treated by SOLitude Lake Management with SePro Sonar Genesis

    Shannon Junior, Aqautic Ecologist, treated a pond in Prince William County, Virginia. This pond was covered in watermeal with minor algae and slender pondweed growth. The owners planned to irrigate from the pond once it had returned to a healthy state.  Sonar Genesis was applied and FasTEST samples were performed.  After a few treatments the owners could finally use the pond as they intended. 





    SOLitude Lake Management recently received five “Seeing is Believing” awards from SePRO. These awards recognize a very high standard of excellence in water quality treatment for lakes, ponds, stormwater basins or other standing water bodies that have demonstrated the effectiveness of SePRO products in improving these aquatic ecosystems.


    Shannon Junior
    , Aquatic Ecologist, received three awards for her work and David Ellison, Aquatic Biologist, and Kyle Finerfrock, Environmental Scientist, also each received an award. The award recipients submitted the above 'before and after' photos with a detailed summary of treatment of the water body including reason for treatment and chosen course of action, treatment and water body specifics, weather conditions, map of the water body or wetland and treatment area, water quality, end user satisfaction, and special circumstances. 

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