5 Natural Water Quality Improvement Solutions for Your Lake


Improve Lake and Pond Health with Natural Solutions

Lakes and ponds require nutrients to keep water healthy and clean, however, excess nutrients from pollution, agriculture, and urban development make it difficult for waterbodies to regulate themselves. These environmental stressors can lead to the emergence of nuisance weeds, algae, bottom muck, and unpleasant odors. 

Strict water management regulations may further compound these issues by limiting how stakeholders can intervene to restore equilibrium. Due to these limitations, prevention must be prioritized to maintain clean, safe, balanced water. Professionals recommend integrating five core solutions as part of a proactive management approach.

1. Aeration

Well-oxygenated water promotes healthy conditions that are less hospitable to weeds and algae. Floating fountains and surface aerators circulate stagnant water and help increase dissolved oxygen (DO) levels while providing visual beauty. Submersed aerators create continuous vertical mixing to increase DO in deeper waters.

2. Natural Vegetative Buffers

Native shoreline plants and vegetation can help naturally filter pollutants from stormwater runoff as it flows into the waterbody. Native buffer vegetation also helps prevent shoreline erosion by holding sediment in place.  Eroded shorelines can be repaired by creating “living shorelines” using geotextile systems that can then be planted with grass or other native plantings.

3. Nutrient Remediation

Water quality imbalances are often connected to excess phosphorus and nitrogen. When nutrient levels are balanced, weeds and algae are less likely to grow. Several eco-friendly products are available to help reduce nutrients by either binding with or physically removing them. Professionals choose products based on the waterbody’s size, depth, and function to ensure optimal results and restore balanced water quality conditions.

4. Mechanical Raking and Harvesting

Mechanical Hydro-rakes, Aquamogs and Truxors physically remove plants and their root structures, and are equipped with a back-hoe that scoops up muck and debris from the bottom to restore depth. Mechanical harvesters utilize a cutting mechanism to cut, collect, and remove rooted and floating plants and are capable of clearing 1-2 acres per day. Invasive weeds can rapidly take over an entire ecosystem, making harvesting an important solution in regions with strict herbicide regulations.

5. Nanobubbles and Oxygenation

Nanobubble units generate bubbles that are about one million times smaller than ordinary bubbles and can go two to three months without popping. Instead of rising to the surface, they disperse within the water column and bottom sediments, providing long-lasting oxygenation.

New side-stream oxygenation technologies allow for oxygen to be directly injected into the water to help correct deficiencies. This can greatly increase oxygen concentrations throughout the water column and promote the natural decomposition of bottom muck.  

Maintain Clean Beautiful Water for Future Generations

An integrated lake management program that incorporates proactive strategies may not only be more cost-effective over time, but also healthier for the environment. Preventative actions can help stakeholders avoid large, unexpected expenses and slow the natural deterioration of aquatic ecosystems, promoting clean, healthy waterbodies for generations to enjoy.

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