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August 7th, 2017

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SOLitude Lake Management, an industry leader in lake and pond management, fisheries management and related environmental services for the United States, is pleased to highlight nine exceptional team members who were hired this summer. These experienced professionals, spanning from Massachusetts to Texas to Colorado, bring diverse experiences to SOLitude, but all work towards the common mission of improving aquatic ecosystems throughout their local communities.

Aquatic experts Erin Stewart, Jason Emmel, Buford Lessley, Clay Stabley, Elijah Pridgen, John Maday and Todd Prater use their expertise to help implement sustainable solutions for our clients’ reservoirs, lakes, stormwater BMP ponds and wetlands. Jennifer Bonzani focuses on establishing and maintaining professional relationships with clients and business partners and develops effective management plans to meet budgets and exceed expectations. Carolyn Stabley plays an integral role in support of SOLitude’s clients, staff and leadership.

erin-stewart-web.jpgErin Stewart is an aquatic biologist with SOLitude’s Denver, CO office and has managed lakes and ponds throughout the region since 2008. Erin has in-depth knowledge of aeration design and water quality, and has worked on several projects involving the management of cyanobacteria in drinking water reservoirs and recreational lakes across the state. She graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Oceanography from the College of Ocean and Fisheries Sciences.

buford-lessley-bio.jpgBuford Lessley is an aquatic biologist based out of SOLitude’s Tyler, TX office. Buford helps clients determine the best management approach for their aquatic resources, and is most interested in electrofishing, vegetation management and water quality testing. He has a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture from Mississippi State University and a master’s degree in Biology from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, where he focused on fish and macroinvertebrates communities found in distributaries of the Rio Grande.

jason-emmel-web.jpgJason Emmel is a fisheries biologist based out of SOLitude’s Charlottesville, VA. Jason works directly with clients to help determine their goals, and then develops and implements customized fisheries management plans that meet their specific needs, budget and timeframe. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Fisheries Science from Virginia Tech and has worked on many unique fisheries projects since he joined the industry in 2007.

Todd Prater is an aquatic scientist with more than a decade of Todd-Prater-web.jpgindustry experience. Todd serves clients in SOLitude’s Mid-Atlantic market, and is a licensed pesticide applicator in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. He has an extensive background in the crop protection industry and has a special interest in implementing sustainable and environmentally sound lake and pond management programs. Todd received his Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture and Natural Resources from the University of Delaware.

john-maday-web.jpgJohn Maday is an environmental scientist based in Shrewsbury, MA. John is focused on providing environmentally sustainable and cost-effective lake and pond management solutions for clients across the New England region, particularly Massachusetts and Connecticut. He began his career as a SOLitude intern before joining the company full-time this year. John earned his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science at Clark University in Worcester, MA.

jennifer-bonzani-web.jpgJennifer Bonzani is a business development consultant focusing on SOLitude’s mid-west market. She is helping to establish and maintain relationships with clients and business partners throughout Missouri, Kansas and Illinois. Jennifer comes to us with a decade of relevant experience and graduated from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Elijah Pridgen is an aquatic specialist serving clients in Virginia elijah-pridgen-web.jpgand North Carolina out of SOLitude’s Virginia Beach, VA office. He delivers sustainable algae and aquatic weed management solutions, and provides comprehensive aeration and fountain installation and maintenance services. Elijah is pursuing a degree in Marine Biology from Brunswick Community College in Bolivia, NC and continues to build on his expertise through continuing education seminars with industry leaders.

Clay Stabley is an aquatic specialist working out of SOLitude’s clay-stabley-web.jpgNashville, TN office and providing herbicide applications throughout Tennessee, Missouri, and other surrounding states. Clay has worked in lake and pond management since 2005 and has extensive prior experience in Florida managing complex systems of community waterbodies. Before joining the industry, Clay served as a US Army Senior Operations Sergeant and studied Business Management at Austin Peay State University.

Carolyn Stabley is a Regional Administrator and Client Relations carolyn-stabley-web.jpgprofessional who supports our clients throughout the Mid South and Texas. Carolyn is one of the first points of contact for clients and vendor partners and brings a wealth of business experience in her support of field staff and regional directors. She serves as an integral member of SOLitude’s administrative team and ensures customer and team member communications flow as smoothly as possible to exceed expectations.

“As we continue to expand our national footprint, these individuals are playing an integral role in ensuring that our sales, operations and scientific teams continue to support and exceed the expectations of our clients,” said Marc Bellaud, President of SOLitude Lake Management.

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