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    Your Full-Service Lake Management Team

    Meet The West Team:

    Colorado Ι Arizona Ι California



    Patrick Mefferd

    Regional Director: Southwest & West

    patrick-mefferd-webPatrick Mefferd joined the SOLitude Lake Management as the Regional Manager in Texas and was promoted in January 2020 to Regional Director of our West and Southwest regions.  Patrick has nearly two decades of management experience and is responsible for leading the operations of SOLitude’s California, Arizona and Texas offices.

    Patrick graduated from Union Institute & University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Emergency Services Management. He has extensive experience supervising and managing teams in different industries, including customer service, hospitality, travel, transportation and maintenance.

    Previously, Patrick spent two and a half years with DBi Services, where he managed highway and interstate projects, ensuring that they were completed on time and within budget. In this role, Patrick focused on project development, resource allocation, and client management, and gained experience leading vegetation management projects throughout the state of Texas. Before DBi Services, Patrick worked for more than 11 years with Avis Budget Group in locations throughout Texas, California and Nevada.

    Patrick’s first experience with the environmental industry began at the age of 16 with the Department of Parks and Recreation for the State of California, where he served as a Senior Park Aid. The role taught him valuable lessons and spurred his love for the outdoors. Now, Patrick resides in Waco, TX. Outside of work, he can be found traveling to the beach or mountains with his wife, Carol. Often, their travels take them back to his home state of California where his kids currently attend school and work

    Contact Patrick

    Dustin Vassar

    Regional Sales Manager

    Dustin_VassarDustin Vassar is a Regional Sales Manager serving SOLitude’s clients in the West, Midwest and Southwest. Dustin is responsible for helping the team build relationships with clients in the region as SOLitude continues to grow.

    Dustin comes to SOLitude with an extensive background in new business development. He worked with Ricoh USA, based out of Dallas, Texas, where he was a top contributor in the marketplace. Prior to coming to SOLitude, Dustin worked as a business performance advisor for Insperity in Irving, TX. At Insperity, he was responsible for determining ways to help small businesses succeed, such as reducing administrative costs, attracting and retaining top talent, and shaping company culture.

    Dustin is originally from Arlington, TX, and attended the University of Texas at Arlington where he studied Business Finance. Dustin is a member of Toastmasters International where he serves his club as VP Membership and enjoys helping new members with their public speaking skills.

    Dustin spends his free time drag racing, playing golf, being outdoors with family and friends and staying active at his CrossFit gym.  

    Contact Dustin


    Erin Stewart

    Aquatic Biologist and Regional Manager 

    erin-stewart-web.jpgErin Stewart is an Aquatic Biologist and Regional Manager based in Colorado. She has managed lakes and ponds in the region since 2008. Erin has in-depth knowledge of water quality and its impacts to fisheries and the overall health of local aquatic environments. Erin has interests in aeration design, fisheries management and wetlands restoration. She has also worked on several projects involving the management of cyanobacteria in drinking water reservoirs and recreational lakes in Colorado. Erin is a licensed qualified Supervisor for aquatic pesticide applications with the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

    Erin graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Oceanography from the College of Ocean and Fisheries Sciences. Prior to working in the lake and pond management industry, she studied cardiac hypertrophy and juvenile diabetes in a clinical research setting and also managed a molecular biology core facility.

    In 2001, Erin moved from her home in the Midwest to colorful Colorado, and loves the mountains and amazing weather. In her free time, you will find her enjoying the view from her home in the foothills of Denver, rafting, fishing or hiking with her husband and two boys. 

    Contact Erin

    Noel Browning

    Aquatic Biologist

    noel-browning-headshot-webNoel Browning is an Aquatic Biologist at SOLitude focused on serving clients in the Rocky Mountain Region. He brings diverse experience in managing valuable aquatic resources through creative and solution-based strategies based on sound scientific data. Noel is extremely knowledgeable in fish population management, nutrient remediation, bathymetry, and aquatic vegetation and algae management.

    While attending Western Colorado University in Gunnison, Noel found his passion in fishing. After graduating with a double major in Environmental Studies and Business Administration, his enthusiasm for fishing lead to employment with the Colorado Division of Wildlife working in sport fishery management, native species conservation, and gill lice research. Noel has been managing lakes in the private sector for several years by conducting fish population surveys, hauling fish, and solving water quality issues in lakes of all sizes. He is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Water Resource Management from California State Fresno.

    In his spare time, Noel can be found on the river fishing, on the golf course, on the volleyball court, or in the mountains snowboarding.

    Contact Noel

    Chuck Rodosevich


    chuck-rodosevich-web-newChuck Rodosevich joined the Western Division of SOLitude Lake Management as an Aquatic Biologist and is responsible for assisting with aquatic business development in the region. He is also employed by Vector Disease Control International (VDCI), SOLitude’s partner company, as operations manager and business developer in the southeastern Colorado area. Chuck holds Colorado certification in General Commercial Pesticide Applications, Colorado Supervisor’s License in Public Health Pest Control and a Colorado Supervisor’s License in Aquatic Pest Control. He is also a member of the Western Aquatic Plant Management Society (WAPMS).

    Chuck is a Navy veteran and served the majority of his four-year enlistment as a neurosurgical technician at the Charleston, SC, Naval Hospital. After his military service, he returned to Colorado and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry from Adams State University in Alamosa, CO. His professional career began in the area of occupational health and safety and in environmental protection compliance. Over the years, professional development in the areas of management and leadership, continuous quality improvement, customer service, project management and program development led to expanded and diversified assignments. In 1996, he traveled with a US business delegation to Russia as the Colorado representative to meet with members of the new “Russian Supreme Soviet.” Chuck later served on Colorado Governor Bill Ritter’s transition team and, in 2004, left the Colorado Department of Human Services as the director of all employment related services and finally began a journey back to his roots of interest centered on the great outdoors of Colorado.

    Chuck is a Colorado native whose family members have been cattle ranchers and coal miners in the Rocky Mountains of Southern Colorado since the late 1800s. He absolutely loves the outdoors and spends every spare moment with his family at their ranch or hiking and fishing among the trails and lakes of the Southern Colorado Rockies. Chuck’s wildlife passion revolves around elk. And in addition to fixing all the fences they take out at the ranch, he’s an expert in animal tracking and elk vocal communications. He also plays a little golf for some outdoor diversity! 

    Contact Chuck

    Katelyn Behounek

    Aquatic Biologist

    Katelyn BehounekKatelyn Behounek is an Aquatic Biologist based in Denver, CO. She earned her degree in Biology & Environmental Science at Simpson College and joined the SOLitude team in January 2020. She is extremely knowledgeable in fisheries, habitat management and water quality monitoring. She always looks to build upon her knowledge of sustainable aquatic management techniques and experience in aquatic weed and algae control.

    Katelyn found her passion for aquatic biology during her employment with the Colorado Parks & Wildlife, where she worked in sport fishery management and native species conservation. Her successful career highlights include working with state fish and federally listed species the Greenback Cutthroat Tout, sampling otoliths for walleye to determine age classes, and participating in various projects to reestablish native species across the state of Colorado.

    In her spare time, she can be found running, skiing, hiking to high mountain lakes, and exploring all of the natural wonders throughout the Rocky Mountains and surrounding areas.

    Contact Katelyn


    Leslie Bruns

    Business Development Consultant 

    leslie-bruns-webLeslie Bruns is a Business Development Consultant serving SOLitude’s clients in Arizona, Southern Nevada, and Southern California. She is responsible for helping to introduce the company's sustainable services and technologies to new clients as well as maintaining relationships with existing clients.

    Leslie earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota Duluth. She joined SOLitude in August 2019 after excelling in real estate and education. She is also a certified life coach and continues to assist families and individuals’ specific goals. Her genuine passion for teaching and helping others makes her a valuable resource for her clients.

    Leslie grew up in Eau Claire, WI, where she spent endless days up at the family cabin. Some of her fondest childhood memories include cruising the lake on their houseboat. Leslie is married to her husband, Matt, of 13 years, and has one daughter, "Tiki". They also have a dog, cat, fish and 3 leopard geckos! Leslie loves practicing hot yoga, Pilates and being crafty with her daughter—especially when it comes to marame!

    Contact Leslie

    Bob Revolinski 

    Regional Manager & Aquatic Biologist 

    bob-revolinski-headshot-webBob Revolinski is an Aquatic Biologist and the regional manager leading operations in Arizona and surrounding markets. Throughout his 35-year career, Bob has created and implemented hundreds of water management programs for private and municipal clients in one of the harshest environments in the nation. As one of the pioneers of the freshwater management industry, Bob specializes in the use of biological augmentation for sediment reduction and long-term proactive control of golden alga (Prymnesium parvum). His expertise as a soil scientist has also been critical in solving biological fouling of golf course irrigation intakes in the region.

    Bob earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Soil Science and Natural Resources Management from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point in 1983. His aquatics career began in January 1984, when he was hired by Applied Biochemists in Mequon, WI. There, he trained on as Aquatic Consultant to handle a 15-state territory. The following year, he moved to Arizona and gained extensive experience with Aquatic Dynamics before founding his own company, Water Resource Management, Inc. in 1997. Under his leadership, Water Resource Management became one of the premier lake management companies in Arizona before merging with SOLitude in 2018.

    Contact Bob 

    Ryan Gotchy

    Assistant Regional Manager

    ryan-gotchy-headshot-webRyan Gotchy is the Assistant Regional Manager of SOLitude's Arizona office. He helps oversee the maintenance and installation of floating fountains and submersed diffused aeration systems to help improve water quality and circulate client waterbodies.

    As an Arizona native, Ryan is experienced managing aquatic ecosystems in the local environment. He is a licensed chemical applicator through the Pest Management Division of the Department of Agriculture and maintains membership with Tradesmen International.


    Contact Ryan

    Matthew Christy

    Aquatic Specialist

    matthew-christy-headshot-webMatthew Christy is an Aquatic Specialist serving clients in Arizona and surrounding regions. He specializes in restoring balance to aquatic ecosystems suffering from poor water quality, algae and aquatic weeds, nutrient loading and more.

    Matthew joined the SOLitude team in 2018 due to his passion for the protection of the environment and love of the outdoors. A native of Arizona, he is experienced providing solutions for common lake and pond pain points, and is experienced managing freshwater in the particularly harsh local environment.

    Matthew enjoys spending time with his friends, family and dogs. When time allows, he can be found camping, shooting recreationally, watching movies, reading and traveling.

    Contact Matthew 

    Josh Hall

    Aquatic Specialist

    josh-hall-headshot-webJosh Hall is an Aquatic Specialist with nearly a decade of lake and pond management experience. He helps customers identify algae and aquatic vegetation in their lakes and ponds, and develops sustainable solutions for their aquatic needs. He serves as a knowledgeable and accessible resource for clients by regularly attending HOA meetings and sharing his recommendations with homeowners, golf courses and municipalities.

    Josh studied computer technology from Arizona Institute of Business Technology. He’s certified as a qualified applicator through the Pest Management Division of the Arizona Department of Agriculture. He’s also experienced working with aeration system equipment, and has attended symposiums hosted by leading manufacturers in the aquatics industry. Josh was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ and understands common issues that plague local waterbodies.

    Prior to joining the SOLitude team, Josh was a youth pastor as well as a DJ. Outside of work, Josh enjoys camping, fishing, and riding his Harley Davidson. He is an animal lover and is extremely passionate about the protection of the environment.

    Contact Josh

    Carlos Ruiz

    Aquatic Specialist

    carlos-ruiz-headshot-webCarlos Ruiz is an Aquatic Specialist based in SOLitude’s Arizona market. He is knowledgeable in aquatic plant and nuisance weed identification and is accomplished in designing and implementing sustainable management programs to enhance the natural beauty and health of lakes and ponds in the region. Carlos currently attends Glendale Community College where he studies Biotechnology and Molecular Bioscience. He joined the SOLitude team in September 2017.

    Outside of the aquatics industry, Carlos is an experienced event planner and played an integral role in the coordination and execution of more than 60 banquets events in college. Carlos is a leader in his community and has attended numerous conferences on personal growth, professionalism and civic engagement. He utilized his skills to represent Glendale Community College at Maricopa district meetings and, as class president, spoke at Glendale Community College's graduation ceremony.

    Carlos grew up on the west side of Phoenix, AZ. He has many different interests, but in particular, enjoys working on his car and playing guitar, which he’s done for seven years. He is passionate about the protection of the environment and hopes to one day contribute to a solution to fossil fuel pollution in the atmosphere.

    Contact Carlos 

    Chris Sherrod

    Aquatic Specialist

    chris-sherrod-headshot-webChris Sherrod is an Aquatic Specialist specializing in sustainable lake and pond management solutions for clients in Arizona in the surrounding region. He focuses on preserving freshwater ecosystems through the reduction of nuisance algae and aquatic weeds.

    Chris is a licensed chemical applicator through the Pest Management Division of the Department of Agriculture. He regularly uses his knowledge of industry trends and technologies to bring clients the best possible approach for their unique waterbodies.

    Chris has always enjoyed spending time outdoors. In his spare time, he can be found camping, fishing and riding his quad. 

    Contact Chris 

    Robert Truax

    Natural Resources Scientist 

    Robert Truax-web2Robert Traux is a Natural Resources Scientist focused on understanding the underlying principles of wildlife ecology and wildlife management strategies. In his role, he studies the limnological side of Florida’s ecosystem by collecting and analyzing many types of biological data. Rob is also accomplished in statistical analyses, wetland plant, fish and animal identification, project design and many other biological techniques that enhance his aquatics and terrestrial projects.

    Rob has a Master of Science degree in Conservation Biology with an emphasis on Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing from Central Michigan University, where he also earned his bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences. Rob has conducted and assisted in a variety of studies in which radio-collared animals were the primary focus. He’s also well-experienced in incorporating GIS in to many of his projects, and uses biological data in conjunction with GIS for the development of predictive models.

    Rob grew up in the remote area of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and, inherently, is an avid outdoorsman. He considers himself a rogue terrestrial biologist who is greatly fascinated by Florida waters. He enjoys fishing, hunting, collecting (mammal skulls, MTG, coins), shooting sports (sporting clays, 5-stand, skeet), horticulture, computer science, reading (typically scientific and Michael Crichton-esque books) and spending time with family.  

    Contact Robert

    Jacob Blackburn

    Aquatic Specialist

    Jacob Blackburn

    Jacob Blackburn is an Aquatic Specialist who serves clients in Arizona and surrounding regions. He attended Glendale Community College and went on to gain extensive experience in the turf and aquatics industries before joining the SOLitude team in August 2019.

    Jacob is passionate about supporting his clients by maintaining regular communications with them and making himself available for questions or urgent needs around their properties. He specializes in the introduction and maintenance of aeration systems and is knowledgeable about best practices to keep these systems running smoothly.

    Jacob was born and raised in Fenton, MI. He and his wife moved to Arizona in 2012 and love to spend as much time as possible outdoors. They enjoy raising a dog together, going to church and spending time with friends and family. In his spare time, Jacob can also be found fishing, hiking and playing ice hockey  

    Contact Jacob


    Gary Hoover

    Business Development Consultant 

    gary-hoover-webGary Hoover is a Business Development Consultant serving clients in SOLitude’s California market. With more than three decades of experience in the aquatics industry, Gary is extremely knowledgeable about the sustainable solutions available to his clients, including lake, pond, fountain and water feature design, waterbody construction and maintenance operations, aquatic vegetation management, mechanical harvesting, and dredging.  

    Gary primarily focuses on managing relationships with high-profile clients, including many municipal agencies and world headquarter locations for leading energy and computer technology corporations throughout Northern California.

    Gary earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing & Finance from Sacramento State University. Prior to taking on his current role, Gary excelled as Division Manager, Major Account Manager, and Business Development Coordinator.

    In his spare time, Gary is a family man who takes pride in serving his wife, kids and friends. He enjoys spending time outdoors and is an avid daily hiker and swimmer. For fun, he likes to ride dirt bikes, snow ski and hang out by the river.

    Contact Gary

    Lance Dohman 

    Regional Manager

    lance-dohman-webLance Dohman is the Regional Manager of SOLitude’s California market. He is responsible for the management of operations in the region, focusing largely on proposal development and cultivating lasting relationships with clients. His expertise includes flood prevention strategies, mosquito management, new lake and water feature construction, renovation of historic decorative fountains, invasive species management, and wetland restoration.

    Prior to joining SOLitude, Lance served as the President of Aquatic Environments, Inc (AEI) for 14 years. Under his leadership, the company grew rapidly to be the region’s largest lake management company with an extensive route network of commercial and residential water features to teams. He led a team of operators highly skilled in vegetation eradication and contaminated sediment removal at refinery wastewater ponds.

    In addition to his role at AEI, Lance’s early career provided key leadership and business management experience. Before joining AEI in 2004, he held executive management positions at Benchmark Energy, Enron Ventures, and the Electric Power Research Institute, where he focused on electric power project development and assessments of new energy technology, including energy storage and efficiency technologies. Lance also held project engineering positions at Praxair centering on primary metals and semiconductor fabrication industries.

    Lance has a Bachelor of Science degree in Metallurgical & Materials Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and an MBA in Finance from Saint Mary’s College.

    In his spare time, Lance enjoys alpine skiing and competitive endurance sports.

    Contact Lance

    John Peters 

    Assistant Regional Manager 

    john-peters-webJohn Peters is an Assistant Regional Manager supporting SOLitude’s California team. He focuses on handling day to day operational needs to ensure efficient and successful completion of projects in the field. With more than 25 years of industry experience, John is adept at collaborating with various departments, consultants and team members to guarantee environmental compliance reporting and monitoring requirements are fulfilled for each and every job.

    John has held critical roles on a variety of special projects throughout his career, including the construction of new waterbodies and the design and installation of water features. Additionally, John serves as the first point of contact for many clients. He takes pride in his personalized approach to customer relations and goes the extra mile to ensure client needs are addressed quickly and thoroughly.

    Prior to his current role, John excelled as an Operations Manager in the landscaping field, where he oversaw the entire operation of the business with over 20 million in yearly sales and managed more than 200 employees. There, he gained extensive experience providing turnkey services to HOAs, municipalities, and private property owners.

    In his spare time, John enjoys traveling with his wife and spending time on the water. In addition to being a self-proclaimed sports nut and motorcyclist, he is passionate about spending time with his family and four grandchildren.

    Contact John

    Ben Chen

    Fisheries Biologist,
    Video Ambassador

    ben-chen-webBen Chen is a Fisheries Biologist and SOLitude Video Ambassador serving clients throughout SOLitude’s California territory. He specializes in account management, water quality testing, fisheries management and nuisance aquatic weed and algae control.

    Ben has a Bachelor of Science degree in Fisheries Management from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. His long-held interest in fishing and aquaculture is what inspired his career path, which has led him to thrive in many areas in the aquatics industry. He is passionate about water stewardship and he has taken on a variety of governmental, aquacultural, and scientific positions—all of which have shaped his interdisciplinary approach towards lake management.

    Ben has managed different waterbodies throughout California for more than four years. Of all the different projects in which he engages, he most enjoys those focused on fisheries management. One of his more interesting projects involves the introduction of Sacramento Perch, an endangered species of native fish, into a man-made lake. His unique past projects also include working with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to study native mussels. Likewise, Ben is experienced with biosonic acoustic survey design and analysis, water quality program design and monitoring. 

    Besides his love for outdoor activities and water recreation, Ben loves to play the drums and spend time with his Great Dane. 

    Contact Ben

    Salvador Gaytan

    Aquatic Crew Leader

    sal-gaytan-webSalvador Gaytan is an Aquatic Crew Leader responsible for executing maintenance and construction projects throughout SOLitude’s California region. Salvador has more than 20 years of experience in the lake management industry and regularly interfaces with clients to ensure their needs are met and expectations exceeded throughout each project he leads.  

    Salvador joined the SOLitude team in 1998. Since then, he has maintained his Qualified Applicators License and contributed to an array of high-profile environmental restoration projects for municipalities, well-known corporations and private properties, including the California Academy of Science and Bass-Pro Shop. His expertise extends to the construction of lakes, ponds and waterways, fountain installations and extensive dredging projects.

    Additionally, Salvador is certified in pesticide regulations, confined space training and CPR, and has completed OSHA training.

    In his spare time, Salvador spends as much time as possible with his family and daughters. He enjoys watching sports and is heavily involved with spartan races.

    Contact Salvador

    Marcos Ansaldi


    marcos-ansaldi-webMarcos Ansaldi is an Ecologist focused on serving clients in SOLitude’s California region. He provides comprehensive lake and pond management solutions to reduce aquatic weeds and algae, improve water quality and enhance the beauty and health of natural aquatic ecosystems.

    Marcos has a Bachelor of Science degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of California in Santa Cruz. Prior to joining the SOLitude team in 2018, he conducted Estuarine and Intertidal research at UCSC.

    In his free time, Marcos is a marine enthusiast, He enjoys creating and keeping freshwater aquariums and is also a NAUI certified scuba diver.  

    Contact Marcos

    Lauren Malinis

    Environmental Scientist

    lauren-malinis-headshot-webLauren Malinis an Environmental Scientist in Benicia, CA. She specializes in monitoring aquatic ecosystems and providing sustainable solutions that achieve the long-term goals of her clients. Lauren is a knowledgeable resource with an array of industry experience and achievements.

    Lauren earned a degree in Environmental Science with a focus on Marine and Coastal Ecology at California State University Monterey Bay. In addition to her undergraduate career, she gained extensive experience with several environmental organizations. Working with the University of Maryland, Lauren utilized preexisting data to determine the location preferences of shrimp in the Maryland Coastal Bays. She used her findings to coauthor a manuscript that is currently being considered for publication by the Journal of Crustacean Biology. Additionally, Lauren serves as a Research Fellow at the Institute of Forest Genetics (a Forest Service Site) where she maintained greenhouse experiments, collected tissue samples for the genetics lab, and helped to digitize the historical records of arboretums.  

    Before joining SOLitude, Lauren worked in various positions for two and a half years through a group called the California Conservation Corps (CCC).  She started as a corpsmember at their Fortuna Center and then completed two terms in one of their specialty programs, the Watershed Stewards Program. Her work with the CCC primarily focused on trapping, monitoring and improving habitat for salmonids, but she also conducted snorkel, kayak and boat surveys to check for the presence of other species, including rainbow trout and steelhead. Lauren’s work included caring for chinook salmon at various life stages, including monitoring eggs, and feeding captive adult fish. 

    Other than being outdoors Lauren enjoys traveling. She studied abroad in college, spending a year in Germany. She’s traveled throughout most of Europe, and has also visited Japan, Mexico and Central America. Her favorite city is Krakow, Poland because of its history, castles and an underground salt mine filled with statues carved from salt.

    Contact Lauren

    James Joyce

    Aquatic Specialist

    james-joyce-webJames Joyce is an Aquatic Specialist focused on creating healthy, beautiful freshwater ecosystems for clients throughout the Western United States. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife from Hubmboldt State University in Arcata, CA.

    James joined the SOLitude team in 2018. He has a Qualified Applicator License for aquatic environments and is a wilderness first responder. He’s also certified in confined space training.

    Contact James

    Luis Alvarez Rociles

    Aquatic Specialist

    luis-alvarez-webLuis Alvarez Rociles is an Aquatic Specialist experienced in many aspects of lake and pond management. Luis specializes in aeration system design and fountain installation with the goal of improving water quality and enhancing the beauty of freshwater resources. He is knowledgeable about the proper servicing and maintenance techniques for these systems. 

    Luis has successfully completed projects for many high-profile clients throughout California, including large retailers, community associations and municipalities. 

    Outsides of work, Luis enjoys spending time outside with his family. They like to go on short trips for camping and hunting throughout the state. 

    Contact Luis

    Edgar Botello

    Aquatic Specialist 

    edgar-botello-webEdgar Botello is an Aquatic Specialist focused on cultivating healthy, beautiful aquatic ecosystems for clients throughout California. He specializes in using array of sustainable solutions for the management of aquatic vegetation and algae, including aeration and fountain services. 

    Edgar is an experienced equipment operator. He also has his Qualified Applicator License and stays up to date on the latest knowledge regarding the safe application of EPA-registered herbicides and algaecides. 

    In his spare time, Edgar enjoys spending his time outdoors. He can often be found riding his dirt bike or hiking throughout the region. 

    Contact Edgar

    Bernardo Botello

    Aquatic Specialist 

    bernardo-botello-web-1Bernardo Botello is an Aquatic Specialist experienced in the sustainable management of freshwater ecosystems throughout California. He specializes in the operation of advanced equipment and has contributed to an array of high-profile projects focused on boating and waterway restoration and invasive plant removal in collaboration with an area conservation group. 

    Additionally, Bernardo has a Class A driver's license and is certified in CPR and First Aid. 

    Outside of work, Bernardo enjoys being active outside. He is an avid hiker and fisherman. 

    Contact Bernardo

    Ramon Cardenas

    Aquatic Specialist 

    ramon-cardenas-web-1Ramon Cardenas is an Aquatic Specialist based out of SOLitude's California office. He helps clients achieve their unique freshwater management goals using an array of sustainable lake and pond management strategies. 

    Ramon joined the SOLitude team in 2017. In his free time, he can often be found playing the guitar, watching movies and going dancing. 

    Contact Ramon

    Luis Gaytan

    Aquatic Specialist 

    luis-gaytan-gomez-web-1Luis Gaytan is an Aquatic Specialist focused on the management of aquatic resources throughout California and surrounding regions. He specializes in fountain installation and maintenance and is knowledgeable about the benefits of aeration. Luis is experienced working on large lake projects, as well as smaller ponds. He helps ensure that functionally and aesthetically each waterbody he manages meets the goals of his client. 

    Luis joined the SOLitude team in 2002. He enjoys working outdoors and being near the water on a daily basis. 

    Contact Luis

    Jose Botello

    Vegetation Crew Leader

    jose-botello-webJose Botello is a Vegetation Crew Leader responsible for leading freshwater restoration projects for clients throughout California. His expertise includes sustainable aquatic weed and algae control, aeration service and installation, and revegetation efforts. He’s helped lead successful projects for many large clients in the San Francisco region, including a large tidal marsh planting for a high-profile coastal conservancy group.

    Jose joined the SOLitude team in 2002. He is trained in the operation of heavy equipment and licensed as Qualified Applicator and Pest Control. Likewise, he has completed first aid and confined space training.

    Outside of work, Jose can be found enjoying the outdoors. He can often be found hiking, fishing or riding his dirt bike when he’s not spending time with family.

    Contact Jose

    Richard Rivera

    Vegetation Crew Technician,
    Video Ambassador

    richard-rivera-webRichard Rivera is a Vegetation Crew Technician and SOLitude Video Ambassador skilled in the management of aquatic weeds, nuisance algae, and invasive species plaguing waterbodies throughout the West Coast region. Richard is experienced in the plant identification, as well as the most sustainable techniques for the eradication of undesirable plant growth. Some of Richard's most successful vegetation efforts include a spartina project with an environmental group and a sea lavender project with a coastal conservancy partner.

    Richard is a knowledgeable equipment operator and maintains his Qualified Applicator License, which allows him to stay up to date on the latest trends and research regarding the safe use of EPA-registered pesticides. 

    Richard is CPR and First Aid Certified. In his free time, he can usually be found enjoying the great outdoors. One of his favorite pastimes is hiking throughout the region. 

    Contact Richard

    Matt Filomeo

    Shop Manager 

    matthew-filomeo-webMatt Filomeo is a Shop Manager responsible for assisting with dredging and marine vessel operations and hydraulic and mechanical equipment fabrication. He helps oversee maintenance and repairs for machines throughout SOLitude’s Western region, and is extremely knowledgeable about the use of specialized lake restoration equipment. Matt joined the SOLitude team in 2012.

    In his spare time, Matt enjoys visiting new places and can often be found traveling.

    Contact Matt

    Robert Filomeo

    Shop Assistant

    robert-filomeo-webRobert Filomeo is a Shop Assistant who joined the SOLitude team in 2014. He is experienced with mechanical and hydraulic equipment repair and assists with the maintenance of dredgers to ensure clients properties are restored efficiently. Robert has contributed to many successful dredging projects for high-profile clients throughout his career, including well-known wineries and municipal centers.

    In addition to his extensive mechanical experience, Robert is a certified fork lift operator and is trained in CPR.

    Contact Robert

    Victor Viveros

    Mechanical Specialist 

    victor-viveros-webVictor Viveros is a Mechanical Specialist who joined the SOLitude team in 2002. He helps ensure equipment is in top working condition for use on client properties, and plays an integral role in restoring aquatic ecosystems throughout California. Some of his notable projects include the restoration of waterbodies owned by Bass Pro-shop, Redwood City and Santa Cruz.

    In addition to his mechanical expertise, Victor is a certified forklift and aquamog operator. He’s also CPR certified.

    In his free time, Victor can often be found enjoying the outdoors. He’s an avid camper and likes to ride jet skis with his family.

    Contact Victor

    Juan Jose Gomez

    Mechanical Specialist 

    juan-gomez-webJuan Jose Gomez is a Mechanical Specialist who joined the SOLitude team in 2004. He specializes in the restoration and beautification of freshwater resources for community associations, municipalities, and corporate campuses throughout Northern and Central California. 

    Additionally, Juan is an experienced equipment operator. He regularly utilizes mechanical equipment, including harvesters and marsh masters to help clients achieve their aesthetic and functional goals for their properties. 

    Juan takes pride in his work and enjoys transforming and protecting freshwater resources throughout the region. 

    Contact Juan

    Stuart Marcisz

    Mechanical Specialist

    stuart-marcisz-webStuart Marcisz is a Mechanical Specialist responsible for equipment maintenance and repairs. He also specializes in site set-up at client properties throughout California. He has contributed to many successful projects for high-profile clients, including a water hyacinth removal project for the California Department of Boating and Waterways.

    Stuart is professionally trained and experienced in the operation of heavy equipment. Prior to joining the SOLitude team in 2008, he worked in the mechanical divisions for John Deere, Bobcat and Cresco Rentals.

    In his free time, Stuart enjoys being outdoors. He can usually be found camping or hiking.

    Contact Stuart

    Eduardo Cachuela

    Shop Mechanic 

    eduardo-cachuela-webEduardo Cachuela is a Shop Mechanic based in SOLitude’s California region. He joined the team in 2018, bringing with him extensive experience with mechanical welding. He helps ensure mechanical and hydraulic dredging equipment is in proper working condition to most effectively restore client waterbodies.

    Eduardo enjoys spending time outdoors in his spare time. He can often be found fishing and cycling in his community.

    Contact Eduardo

    Jason Garcia

    Shop Mechanic 

    jason-garcia-webJason Garcia is a Shop Mechanic with an expertise in construction management, heavy equipment operation and hydraulic and mechanical dredge maintenance and repair. He assists the team in making sure all equipment is working properly and helps ensure client projects are completed in a timely manner.

    In his free time, Jason enjoys being out in nature. He is a fish, hunting and ranching enthusiast. He also enjoys building engines.

    Contact Jason

    Brandon Henry

    Shop Mechanic 

    brandon-henry-webBrandon Henry is a Shop Mechanic who joined SOLitude in 2013. He helps the shop team maintain and repair dredging equipment used for large lake, pond and waterway restoration projects throughout the California region. Prior to his current role, Brandon worked for a transmission and auto repair company, where he gained valuable experience.

    Outside of work, Brandon enjoys playing sports, especially soft ball. He’s also an avid outdoorsman. He can be found camping, fishing, 4-wheeling, and tinkering with gas power radio-controlled trucks.

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    Sustainability Pledge

    sustainability pledge

    In support of our belief that lakes and ponds are a precious natural resource requiring protection, SOLitude is committed to providing sustainable and renewable solutions that maintain ecological balance in the workplace and beyond.


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    When you partner with SOLitude, a dedicated field technician visits your lake or pond twice a month, leveraging extensive knowledge and training to carefully maintain ecological balance and preserve the appearance of your aquatic property.




    Utilizing the latest GPS aquatic mapping technology and our own proprietary lake and pond management software, the experts at SOLitude collect all the data necessary to provide comprehensive analysis and in-depth solutions.